Oct 3 2017
07:39 am

Berkshire Hathaway is acquiring a 38.6% stake in Pilot Flying J, and will take over with 80% control of the company by 2023, Bloomberg reports.

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Warren Buffet gets to pick the next coach?

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That might be a good thing.

That might be a good thing.

michael kaplan's picture

Wonder how this affects the

Wonder how this affects the Pilot trial set for October 31 ...

Andy Axel's picture

The defense team will be well

The defense team will be well paid.

Herb's picture


Wonder if this is about a future IPO. Keep Jimmy safe until the IPO is done.

R. Neal's picture

When Buffett takes over

When Buffett takes over wouldn't it essentially be public?

Herb's picture

I meant this might be a way

I meant this might be a way to delay charging Jimmy. He gets charged, the IPO is harmed. You know how things work around here.

barker's picture


Buffett buys companies and keeps them private. He doesn't often - if ever - take them public. He bought Clayton Homes years ago and it's still privately held.

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Haslam out

Bill Haslam will not run for Corker's seat. I have a bad feeling about UT's future.


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Tennessee Browns

He wants to lead a university where he just chopped the students lottery scholarship money by 25 percent, me thinks not.

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