Jan 25 2013
11:02 am


In an emailed announcement Thursday evening, Haslam named his former deputy Larry Martin — currently serving as special adviser in the governor’s office — to conduct a “thorough analysis” of the $650 million child protection agency.

No confidence in Kate O'Day?


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DCS fail
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Step 1 in the spin

Step 1 in the spin cycle.

This doesn't need Martin. It needs experts in the field who know the policies, and who aren't afraid to step on toes to fix it.

This isn't a fix, it's just supposed to look like one.

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Don't forget to investigate juvenile court complicity in scandal

Certain DCS officials and others undoubtedly deserve scrutiny in this horrific and ongoing abuse of power. However, many instances of DCS malfeasance would not be possible without the cooperation or tacit compliance of the state's juvenile court system.

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They'll try to scapegoat the

They'll try to scapegoat the over-worked, underpaid caseworkers, but they just do what they believe their supervisors and higher ups will support.

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