Mar 2 2013
11:08 am

The media was atwitter yesterday regarding the State of Tennessee's purchase of a $4 million new (used) airplane for the governor. The Beechcraft King Air 350 Turboprop is no slouch for a propeller plane, but it's no match for Haslam's former trans-continental/trans-Atlantic ride:

State of Tennessee
Beechcraft King Air 350
Max ceiling: 35,000 ft.
Speed: 360 mph
Range: 1847 miles
Cabin height: 4' 9"
Price (used): $4 million
Pilot Corporation*
Dassault Mystere Falcon 50EX
Max ceiling: 49,000 ft.
Speed: 568 mph
Range: 4000 miles @ mach .8
Cabin height: 5' 11"
Price (used): $7.5 million

So humiliating. They'll be snickering behind his back at the country club.

(*Source: FAA registration records)

bizgrrl's picture

When I saw it was a prop

When I saw it was a prop plane and only $4 million I knew it couldn't be too fancy. Cabin height will prevent a lot of standing around and pontificating.

Frank Sparks's picture

Sounds like a wise choice.

Sounds like a wise choice. Efficient & economical.

Roscoe Persimmon's picture

Bredesen suffered the same downgrade while in office

You'll find his personal lear jet registered at N32PE, a nice lear that is currently parked on the Mexican coast after having visited New York City last month. He slummed around on an old King Air 300 as well, seems to have survived it as I suspect Haslam will as well.

Pilot Corporation currently owns and regularly operates two big Dassaults, along with two of the ultra fast Lear Jets, parked out there at the TAC Air facility next to the airport.

Doug Horne, Bill Sansom, Sandy Beal all have nice Lears parked out at the airport, the Claytons and Clayton Homes, particularly Jim, continuing to favor the Cessna Citation jets.

redmondkr's picture

A Good Republican Turboprop

Richard Nixon was "proud of the fact that Pat Nixon wears a good Republican cloth coat, and she's going to continue to."

F-Stop's picture

Ain't the Dassault one o'

Ain't the Dassault one o' them commie French jets? [/teabagger]

jbr's picture

4 feet 9 inches cabin

4 feet 9 inches cabin height?

Is that a typo?

F-Stop's picture

Not according to the

Not according to the website - 4'9"


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