Jan 29 2013
11:23 am

Haslam threw out an eye-raiser yesterday, saying that Tennessee was ranked first or second on violent crime.

The statistic actually comes from the U.S. Peace Index: (link...)

If you look at their methodology, the index takes into account per capita rates of police officers and incarceration, and "availability of small arms" (e.g., gun ownership).

So, Haslam is taking public policy hints from hippies now? If he wants to improve our ranking, he needs to quit building for-profit prisons and enact sweeping gun control.


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Based on their regional

Based on their regional breakdown, 9 of the top 10 least peaceful states are in the South, "indicating that the South
has the largest economic gains to be made from improving its
Five of the top 10 most peaceful states are in the Northeast region.

Tennessee dropped from 31st in 1994 to 49th in the current rankings.

Are you sure Haslam didn't mention the rankings were invalid due to the hippy factor?

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The quantitative proxy they

The quantitative proxy they use to measure the availability of small arms is firearm suicides as a percentage of total suicides. Tennessee ranks 45.

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The best way to improve

The best way to improve Tennessee is for Haslam to find another career outside of Tennessee. The sad part of it is he was a bad businessman and dad and big brother had to get him away and push him into politics where he can screw up the government. They should put him on A Flying J trip to Cleveland and let him clean footballs or do something he cannot screw up.

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