Gov. Bill Haslam is considering reducing the number University of Tennessee Board of Trustees members and trimming the number of finalists presented for top leadership positions in the UT system, Lt. Gov. Randy McNally has confirmed.

McNally said Friday part of the governor’s proposals would involve reducing the size of the UT Board of Trustees and changing the search process for UT chancellors or system presidents.

Haslam considering changes to UT Board of Trustees

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Said "Male Voice #1";

The governor’s brother, Jimmy Haslam, owner of the Cleveland Browns, said after the search he had nothing to do with the process.

Jim, Jimmy, Bill, Dee and Tom Ingram. There, the Board's all set.

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Don't forget Raja, just to

Don't forget Raja, just to keep things diverse ...

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Gotta get control of those

Gotta get control of those renegade local campuses. They might refuse to outsource, for example.

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