Jan 9 2010
11:10 am
By: bill young  shortURL

Tons of talk on the blogs & in New York that Harold Ford may run for US Senate in New York.

Frank Cagle was on this story a while back.

Will Harold run?

I wonder if Knoxville's own Camellia Meehan will
be on Harold's campaign team if he runs?

Camellia worked on Harold's '06 run & has since
raised money for the Clinton presidential campaign &
now the Democratic Senatorial Committee.

Andy Axel's picture

He already did, in 2006. He

He already did, in 2006. He just got beat by a genuine one.

But maybe he can get Uncle Schumer to fix the NY primary like he did the TN primary.


Calling to the underworld. Come out of the cupboard, you boys and girls.

bill young's picture


Not sure Schumer's cool with Jr. running.

Rachel's picture

Not sure?

Schumer it totally NOT cool with Jr. running.

Andy Axel's picture

Ford's whining about Schumer


Found. Ha. Ford's whining about Schumer interfering in the open primary process?

Ah, the irony is rich.


Calling to the underworld. Come out of the cupboard, you boys and girls.

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Harold Ford and the Clintons

Conservative or not, Harold is in the mold of the Clintons. He's the leader of "Clinton's" DLC. Hilliary moved into the State and won, so Harold Ford should be able to do the same. He is part of the Clinton "family".

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Always hoped he would try and run in NY, good luck to him. Sure would rather have had Harold than Corker as a voice for TN right now.

sugarfatpie's picture

Ford made sense for TN, not for NY

I see no point in backing Ford for NY.
We don't need another blue dog senator, especially not at the expense of a potentially much more progressive senator who could win the NY seat.

I backed Ford in TN. He's too conservative for me to back for NY.

-Sugarfatpie (AKA Alex Pulsipher)

"X-Rays are a hoax."-Lord Kelvin

Hildegard's picture

Well put. He doesn't have

Well put. He doesn't have very much support outside his TN range, I suspect.

bill young's picture

I agree,Stacey

As everybody on Knoxviews,that was around in '06,knows.

I worked very hard to get Harold elected.

I was hopeful we could win..we didn't

I like Harold,think he's one smart
cookie & I have great respect for him.

And I have not changed my mind about him.

Still believe Harold would be an
outstanding senator.

It's pretty clear,to me anyway,that the
question is not if Harold will run for
office in NY but when.

I am hopeful that when Harold decides
to run in NY,either this year or in
the future,he wins!

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"New York Times Allows Harold Ford to Destroy Himself"

Funny Gawker item on Harold here:


bill young's picture

Political Allies

In politics,over the years,I have forged political
alliances with candidates & public officials.

Those political alliances have allowed me to
better understand those individuals.

Therefore,when those individuals cast votes or take
stands on specfic issues that are contrary to the
positions..I may hold..

I am able to support them,in elections,
because I know they are doing what they
believe is in the the public's best interest.

Futhermore,the individuals I support do agree with
me on the "big picture" of political issues.

For example,I supported Bob Booker to be appointed
to the vacancy on city council.

However,I disagreed with Bob's vote on covenience

I made my position clear..Bob made his clear.

The issue was debated & voted on.

Bob & I remain political allies.

Because we agreed on the big picture of the
direction Knoxville needed to go.

The same goes for Jim Cooper.

I've been a political ally of Jim's
for almost 3 decades.

We don't always agree on specfics but we
do agree on the direction of the country.

I would cite Jim's vote on the House Health Care
Reform bill as one example.

I had met Harold,a few times,but,a decade ago,
I sat & talked with Harold when Mary Littleton
brought him by DTV.

From that point on Harold & I became
political allies.

That is why..I will support Harold in any
political campaign he chooses to enter.

Because,like with Bob & Jim,I know that Harold
,as a public official,will always do what he thinks
is best for the folks he the represents.

Andy Axel's picture

Is abortion choice the best

Is abortion choice the best for the people of NY and not for the people of TN?

As a public official, he's an opportunistic asshole who says whatever it is that he thinks his audience wants to hear. And who always looks out for his own best interests first.


Calling to the underworld. Come out of the cupboard, you boys and girls.

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