Oct 7 2011
06:29 am

Says her remarks regarding his Padgett endorsement are "slanderous and egregious." "In no way have I traded an agreement for a job in exchange for my endorsement," says Harmon.

Full statement after the jump...

Statement by Ivan Harmon
October 6, 2011

This week I was one of three former candidates in the race for Knoxville city mayor to give my endorsement to candidate Mark Padgett. I did so because I believe Mark is the best remaining candidate, because I believe that Mark can bring new energy and vision to the office and because I believe Mark can bring new jobs to Knoxville.

I also supported the Knox County Sheriff's endorsement of Mark because of his dedication to neighborhood safety and security, which is one of the most important issues in this campaign.

Just two hours after our news conference, mayoral candidate Madeline Rogero wrongly stated that we endorsers were, "black Wednesday insiders" and "a group of politicians and job-seekers."

I feel Madeline Rogero owes an apology to me, Joe Hultquist, Bo Bennet and Sheriff JJ Jones. Her irresponsible statements are untrue, inaccurate and demean the character of good people that served - and continue to serve - our community.

In no way have I traded an agreement for a job in exchange for my endorsement. Ms. Rogero’s statements are slanderous and egregious. Up until now this campaign had been free from unwarranted personal attacks.

This is the kind of negative politics that creates the great apathy - and low voter turnout - we have in Knoxville. I stand by my endorsement of Mark Padgett to be the next Mayor of the city Knoxville. I encourage Madeline to issue a public apology.

Former City Council member and Knox County Commissioner Ivan Harmon

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Lack reading skills much

Lack reading skills much Ivan?

I am a strong Madeline supporter. That has nothing to do with the fact that I read her statement as there were two primary groups, politicians with an axe to grind be it personal or strictly political AND one or more individuals that hope for employment with the incoming administration. No, she did not say that one could not be in both groups but neither did she say you had to be in both groups. Ivan is clearly a politician, in this case not an especially effective one. Bo Bennett already works for the public. Joe H is reported as being unemployed right now. JJ obviously has a lucrative public position already. I have no idea what Harmon's employment status is but I know he is a politician. Clearly the Padgett campaign was stung by Madeline's response and are now flailing wildly like some kindergarten insultee screaming "TAKE THAT BACK!!"

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The word "strong" is so overused in politics.

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You know Ivan didn't write that, that's for sure. Pretty sure he's never used the word "egregious" in his life, unless he thought he was ordering a particularly tasty omelet for breakfast.

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You know Ivan didn't write

You know Ivan didn't write that

I thought the same thing. It was emailed to me (and a hundred other people) by Brian Hornback. I'm guessing he didn't write it either.

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Oh, the irony!

"Clearly the Padgett campaign was stung by Madeline's response and are now flailing wildly like some kindergarten insultee screaming "TAKE THAT BACK!!"

And what was Madeline's response when she was not approved by a local clique she badly wanted to be in? She screamed, yelled and made accusations.

So ironic! Can you see?

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I guess they'l be demanding

I guess they'l be demanding an apology from Charlie Daniel, too.

Today's cartoon isn't online yet (they aren't good about updating it), but I'm pretty sure the boys aren't gonna like it.

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I about fell out of my chair

I about fell out of my chair laughing this morning after looking at it.

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Charlie Daniel's cartoon

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I'll bid on that a next SPJ Auction!


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I'd venture a guess that

I'd venture a guess that somebody's already called him about getting it for Madeline. She'll need that for her wall.

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She has a link to it on her

She has a link to it on her Facebook page.

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Omg, I hadn't gotten around

Omg, I hadn't gotten around to reading the paper yet. That's freakin' hilarious!

No, Ivan didn't write that. Hornback didn't write that. Someone in the Padgett campaign wrote it.

As for Ivan, boo hoo. I'm sure in the course of his political career folks have said things about him that are worse than (truthfully) saying he was involved in Black Wednesday.

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Ease up on Ivan. He may not be the most eloquent man on the planet but his heart's in the right place. And just because he's a "politician" -- really more of a good ol boy farmer -- doesn't mean people are entitled to SLANDER him. The only distinction to meet legal slander of a public figure vs. ordinary citizen is the additional burden of proving 'actual malice.' I'd say Madeline's statements easily fill that bill. Even KNS seems embarrassed by their endorsement of her. Now, THAT's saying something.

It is common knowledge that trading endorsements for a job is unethical, even illegal -- there's no reason to impugn Ivan & company's good (ol boy) names. Its wrong & she should apologize! This behavior exemplifies the "coarsening" of the political process that liberals are always bemoaning. Hello kettle!

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Where did you find the KNS

Where did you find the KNS being embarrassed? How did we miss that? Based on the editorial cartoon today it seemed they agreed. Maybe a link for the rest of us to view?

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