Jul 4 2011
08:02 am

Happy Birthday, America. Remember that exercising and fighting for your individual rights and freedoms, 365 days a year, is a better way to honor those who fought for those rights than waving a flag. Every time the TSA gropes you, every time we let someone tap our phones or search our emails without our consent, every time we let them pass laws taking away the rights of one unpopular group, liberty dies a little. Stand up and fight, even when it seems it doesn't matter to you personally- because it matters to us all.

Mary the prez's picture

Amen! And I am about standing up for women's rights!

The shameless creeps in Nashville and Washington are eating away at the rights of women and girls. Thank god the Congress failed their push to defund Planned Parenthood. But they have only just begun to destroy our privacy rights, close women's clinics, force every woman, and girl who has given birth to a fetus, baby or not, to make that miscarriage PUBLIC.
One glaring hypocricy: Former Governor Pawlenty's wife had to have a partial-birth abortion. Of course when someone made that fact public, the Governor explained it all away..."It was to save HER life"...never mind the fact that he is one of the loudest voices in the chorus of those who condemn women who have to make this choice every day.
Girls, we MUST stand up and speak out...if not for our rights, then for our daughters and granddaughters. And apparently NONE of our female State legislators have the guts to challenge these faux 'caring' men.

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Democratic Women standing up against all odds in TN

"And apparently NONE of our female State legislators have the guts to challenge these faux 'caring' men."

"We all know this legislation is purely political, designed to increase the anti-abortion bona fides of lawmakers up for re-election this year. It is in the same vein as the Tennessee Health Freedom Act, a bill that purports to supersede the federal health care reform signed into law by President Barack Obama last week.

"As lawmakers continue to posture and position themselves for the campaign trail, Tennesseans continue to suffer from prolonged unemployment, thinly stretched budgets, and even foreclosure and bankruptcy."

- Female Tennessee State Senator, Beverly Marrero

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