Oct 10 2007
10:23 am

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Many people lavish love on their dogs. Single people, families, couples without children, and senior citizens---anyone who has ever had the good fortune to share their life with a dog knows how soon they become like people. Now that Halloween is approaching many dog owners start thinking about costumes. The choices seem endless. Internet doggie shops hype everything from Superman to Tinkerbelle costumes. (link...)

Some sites offer safety advice too. Even though Spot may seem like a toddler, it is important to remember dogs are not really babies. They're dogs. This site has some good safety tips. (link...)

Factchecker's picture

Are you saying there's

Are you saying there's something wrong with sharing Krispy Kremes with my dogs? The dog in the photo seems to be enjoying that one.

Carole Borges's picture

He does indeed..

Though I wouldn't want to be the one manning the pooper scooper behind that canine.

redmondkr's picture

Gino is going as one of the

Gino is going as one of the Village People this year.


Actually, it's a Photoshop moment. I can't keep a hat on him long enough to shoot him.

Visit us at

Wearybottom Associates

Carole Borges's picture

Hey cowboy! You're handsome as a dog!

I haven't tried a hat on Krishna yet, but I'm sure it wuld be chewed up in less than a minute.

Bbeanster's picture

Yikes! That picture is so

That picture is so big it's screwed up the whole site layout.

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Moderator to the rescue...

I added a width tag.

In the img src section of the hyperlink, please include a statement which says width=450 or some such.


"Respect mah authoritah!" - Fred Cartman Thompson

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