Feb 20 2013
03:50 pm

HB118 "guns in trunks" was approved in the House Civil Justice Committee on a voice vote. Rep. Sherry Jones (D-Nashville) and Rep. Mike Stewart (D-Nashville) requested that their votes be recorded as "no."

The bill now heads to the full House for a vote where it will no doubt pass. It has already passed in the Senate, so it could be on the Governor's desk in a matter of days.

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The House Calendar and Rules

The House Calendar and Rules Committee voted to "schedule the bill for a vote by the full House next week."

Democratic Rep. Bo Mitchell questioned the committe on whether "the latest expansion of gun rights in Tennessee would let handgun carry permit owners bring their weapons in their cars onto elementary school grounds." He got no answer. Jeff Woods, Nashville Scene, says "the answer is yes." Woods goes on to say "our state's licensed gunmen are compiling a truly grisly record of murder and mayhem. In five years, they have killed or been accused of killing at least 16 people." He includes details on some of the incidents as well as a link to the Violence Policy Center with all of the details.

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The House Civil Justice Committee, yeah right!

And apparently Bo Mitchell is the only person in our State Capitol who has the guts to question the 'secrets' in this law. The Chair shut him up quickly with no answers to his questions, showing just how much the 'Committee' was owned by the NRA lobby.
And yes, Bo, we had one school shooting here in KNOX County two years ago. The pissed off, nut case 'teacher' who was being fired went to his car, grabbed his gun and shot and wounded the principal and assistant principal. And a teen came in to Central High one morning and shot and killed another teen. And we had a 'gun fight' on Cumberland Ave near Students who live on campus.
Of course those shooters were just 'habitual criminals', so don't worry, parents' because we have a UTK police force...Parents of college students, parents of preK to 12th grade students. Now TEACHERS, college kids, faculty can bring all the 'licensed guns' they have and keep 'em in their trunks. And the public are not privy to this list of 'licensed gun owners'.
Many of these kids live in Stacey Campfield's District, and their parents live in HIS District.
This new "guns everywhere bill" will pass because the GOP/TEAs care not one whit about exposing OUR kids to MORE guns in our State. Oh, don't worry, they will all earn a 'triple A rating from the NRA'.

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