Nov 17 2017
06:40 am

It is becoming more apparent that people who frequently carry guns do not know any more about gun safety than people who have never touched a gun. Come on people, wake up, practice gun safety.

At a Tellico Plains, TN, church, a group had gathered for an early Thanksgiving luncheon. After the luncheon they started discussing guns in churches. A man proceeded to pull out his gun, telling the attendees he carries his gun everywhere.

According to the man, "With this loaded indicator, I can tell that it’s not loaded." The man then negligently shot himself and his wife.

The man is lucky he only shot people in his own family. However, the bullet entered "the left side of his wife's abdomen and exited the right side." If my husband negligently shot me I'd be whopping mad.

My advice, if someone starts showing his/her gun in a public setting, leave.

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Memo to gun owners: pulling

Memo to gun owners: pulling the trigger is not the proper way to demonstrate that your weapon is unloaded.

This guy broke all four basic rules of safe gun handling. He should no longer be allowed to possess firearms.

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Why would our society allow people who demonstrably cannot safely handle firearms to ever carry firearms again? Doesn't the Constitutional directive to "provide for the common defence" order us to do this?

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If I check the weapon myself

If I check the weapon myself to ensure it is unloaded and immediately hand it to you, if you then point it at me I will assume you have loaded it in secret and are trying to kill me. I will do my best to get you first and explain it to the authorities later.

Do. Not. Point. A. Firearm. At. People.! (Unless you have cause, good legal cause, to shoot them.)

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Gun Discharge in Church

Fortunately, Thoughts & Prayers were close at hand.

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Fantasy land

Too many of the folks walking around with firearms are just trying to live out their fantasies as gun-slinging vigilantes.

It seems to me that for a person who for whatever reason believes they must carry a weapon for self defense, to be responsible, they should not unholster or even draw attention to their gun in public, unless they are preparing to use it. It’s not a toy. Its purpose is literally deadly serious, and it should not be an object of entertaining conversation.

It seems to me that the person who takes their gun out in public to show, share, or demonstrate in a lively conversation is the last person who should have a gun in their possession at all. It’s simply irresponsible and a failure to understand the basic rules of gun handling that any gun owner should know.

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Rules for Gun Handlers and Bystanders

1. When pointing the muzzle, Always acts as if the weapon is loaded. If someone waves a muzzle in your direction, you are entitled to tackle them and beat them senseless, if for no other reason than to teach them a lesson (I saw a range officer do this in the Army).
2. If you haven't checked the weapon yourself, assume it's loaded.
3. To unload, remove magazine, then move slide to remove round in chamber. TWICE. And you must visually inspect the chamber.
4. If someone hands you a gun after step #3.... See rule #2, and do step #3 yourself. Don't trust them.
5. When moving the slide, your finger should be nowhere near the trigger.
6. If you buy a gun, practice steps 3 with no rounds in the mag, and practice racking the slide in a mirror to verify your fingers are nowhere near the trigger. Repeat it until you can do it 100 times in a row. If you get to 98 and your finger touches the trigger, too bad, start over at 1.
7. Once you pass #6, close your eyes and start over again, and do it another 100 times in a row.
8. If you carry in a pocket, you MUST use a pocket holster to keep trigger from catching.
9. NEVER carry in waistband by itself.
10. Don't carry in the small of your back- one bad fall and that big chuck of metal can paralyze you.

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