After signing legislation last year that makes it difficult if not impossible to do so, Gov. Haslam now says that, yeah, the bust of Nathan Bedford Forrest should probably be removed from the halls of the State Capitol.

The Tennessean got statements from candidates for governor on the matter...

Harwell: "I trust the wisdom and guidance of the Tennessee Historical Commission and the Capitol Commission to make the best decision for our state."

Boyd: Says he is opposed to the wholesale removal of historical displays and monuments. "If we cannot learn from the past, then we are surely destined to repeat it."

Lee: "We should not wash away history just because some deem it offensive. We should always try to learn from those who came before us."

Beavers: Says most Confederate soldiers fought to defend their families, communities and the ideals in the Declaration of Independence and not slavery. "Where will all the absurd apologies end?"

Dean: Says The Forrest bust belongs in a museum and not the Capitol.

Fitzhugh: "History is important, especially that history which we do not wish to repeat, and the place for that history is a museum."

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Republicans playing to their

Republicans playing to their base.

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TN State Museum

They can call for a bill to help fund a new wing or room or statue garden at the TN History Museum to house all the statues. If they have to, they can say it is to protect them from vandalism.

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'Old Bed' is in the capitol

'Old Bed' is in the capitol because of Doug Henry, longest-serving senator in the state's history and and one of the few Dixiecrat Democrats who never changed parties. Henry got the bust placed outside the Senate door during the state's "Homecoming" celebrations in the '70s.

Forrest was never elected to any office except Grand Dragon and didn't live long enough after the Civil War to do much else, so the justification for honoring his memory in the state capitol is pretty flimsy.

The bust has little to no contextual historical significance.

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