Aug 23 2008
09:53 pm

Convention Center Skyline

We're here in Denver, settling in to HQ and getting ready for the convention kickoff tomorrow. No official business for us today.

The photo above has the Colorado Convention Center in the upper foreground, with the Denver skyline in the background. The Convention Center is where most of the daytime official convention business will take place.

The tentative plan of the day for tomorrow is 1) check in and pick up credentials (first priority), 2) a convention kickoff press briefing with Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius, and 3) the Credentials Committee meeting.

A few more photos from this afternoon after the jump...

Security Break
Don't even think about parking here

Pepsi Center
Pepsi Center, through two layers of security fencing

First "celebrity" sighting, Wolf Blitzer holding up traffic right in front of
us (taken through a dirty windshield)

Fox HQ
Who let these guys in?

Protesters are arriving. We also saw Code Pink and Tax Meat.

Hybrid Taxi
A hybrid taxi

Konalanch's picture


You know, Neal. Weed is decriminalized within the Denver city limits. ;) Enjoy.

Though I must say I'm disappointed that you didn't at least try to run over Blitzer. Ah well, maybe next time.

Also, be on your guard. Right Wing Republican Terrorism is alive and well in America as you Knox folks know all too well.
Seriously, Neal. Be careful.

Konaware's picture


"Also, be on your guard. Right Wing Republican Terrorism is alive and well in America as you Knox folks know all too well.
Seriously, Neal. Be careful."

You're welcome. <_<


Carole Borges's picture

I'm thrilled to have you there on the scene. Thanks Neal!

The pictures are great (as usual). It really adds to the event to know you're there with your antennas up and your wide-open eyes and mind taking in all the nuances. It's really like being there when a local person is reporting back without the filter of the networks. Yeah, for blogging! Hey, if you happen to run into Aaron Brown give him a big hug. I miss his evening news show a lot.

F-Stop's picture

Very cool!

Very cool!

Brian A.'s picture

Wow. Federal government

Wow. Federal government spends $115+ million on security for the two political parties' conventions. (link...) Are they worth it?

Brian A.
I'd rather be cycling.

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