Jun 15 2007
02:09 pm

I bought this Book when it first came out. I still haven't gotten the author to sign it but he's in my sights. I just can't remember to bring it with me when we have our meetings.

I don't know how many they have but the pictures alone are worth the price.

Tennessee has such a wealth of fish species, it's a shame Pigmy Madtoms aren't as much a part of our conversation as bass and catfish.


R. Neal's picture

What a bargain! Just ordered

What a bargain! Just ordered one. Thanks for the tip.

WhitesCreek's picture

When you get yours, check

When you get yours, check out that garfish. We've screwed this place up so badly, It's hard to believe that ten foot long fish used to roam around Tennessee.

I paid full pop for my copy, btw. Now if only we could get Dr. Etnier on a daily podcast. "Ets" is one of the fastest wits around.

Virgil Proudfoot's picture

Great book

I never get into my bass boat without it.

bizgrrl's picture

Ok, the big book o fish

Ok, the big book o fish arrived. R is quite captivated. Didn't realize it would be so heavy and from the University of Chicago. I thought we rec'd something scary.

redmondkr's picture

Mine was delivered today as

Mine was delivered today as well. I suggest ordering one of these before somebody discovers that they are underpriced.

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Mello's picture

ours came today

WOW! How cool! Thanks so much for the tip!

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