Graham-Cassidy want to take away health insurance from millions and not provide health insurance for pre-existing conditions. Senators Corker and Alexander from the great state of Tennessee support their efforts.

More from the Washington Post, Another execrable health-care bill proves bad ideas never die.

Just heard Gov. Christie, New Jersey, say that New Jersey has a law requiring coverage for pre-existing conditions. That's one of the many reasons bills giving money to the states won't work in the South. Southern states don't care about those in need.

Please write/call your U.S. senators and representatives. Let them know we need to keep the ACA. Our state cannot be trusted to help the people not getting health insurance from an employer. Then, maybe, someday we can work towards Medicare for all. Right now, though, we need to keep what we have.

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Your headline seems to contradict your 1st paragraph?

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I emailed Corker but only

I emailed Corker but only received a "thank you."

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I think she meant "not

I think she meant "not healthcare." But yeah, it confused me too.

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“It’s flat-out good for

It’s flat-out good for Tennessee,” said Haslam, who earlier this week joined 14 fellow GOP governors in a letter supporting the legislation.

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Maybe it should read

Maybe it should read Graham-Cassidy not-healthcare supported by ..

The intent is clear, but the language isn't ...

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Was listening to, off and on,

Was listening to, off and on, but not watching CNN just now. Chris Cuomo had John Kennedy on defending the Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill.

I was surprised until I found out John Kennedy is a republican U.S. Senator from Louisiana and thankfully no relation to the JFK family.

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