Sep 27 2017
05:08 am

NYT: "Senate Republicans on Tuesday officially abandoned the latest plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act, shelving a showdown vote on the measure and effectively admitting defeat in their last-gasp drive to fulfill a core promise of President Trump and Republican lawmakers."

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last-gasp drive? Will they

last-gasp drive?

Will they really give up? They hate Obama so much, I can't imagine them giving up entirely.

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When you were pulling your

When you were pulling your hair out over this the other day I started to say something but held back. Your concerns about "GOP unity" are way overblown. The Republicans in Congress are one part feckless and one part disorganized and divided. Yes they have certain advantages at election time, advantages that are largely due to the fact that Democrats have self-sorted themselves into being a largly regional and urban party that's neglects when it's not actively disparaging large geographical and demographic portions of the country.

But those electoral advantages do not necessarily translate into an effective ruling party. The Democrats are far more effective at party discipline than the Republicans. Just compare the passage of ACA, when Democrats held together their coalition of progressives and blue dogs to make passage possible, to the clown show of competing interests and personalities the GOP devolved into when trying to repeal it. The GOP may control all three branches of government nominally, but in the eyes of many Republicans the Democrats are still the party in power.

Which is not at all unrelated to why Roy Moore won last night.

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When you were pulling your

When you were pulling your hair out over this the other day I started to say something but held back.


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Sorry that was meant to be a

Sorry that was meant to be a response to Neal. I was referring to this comment from the health care debate thread:

Republicans stick together and win. Democrats are going to screw around and let them win the Obamacare repeal fight too."

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I know who you meant it for.

I know who you meant it for. I don't see how that comment is pulling your hair out.

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The comment seem exasperated.

The comment seemed exasperated. Perhaps I read too much into it.

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