Mar 20 2011
08:06 am

In case you missed it, the GOP has finally acknowledged that the people are more concerned about jobs than they are about the deficit and spending. And, so, the GOP "leadership" (and I use the term very loosely) has devised a plan to add jobs rhetoric in their speeches when they are home this week, in fact Lamar! is the GOP's "point man" on this topic.

So, what is their plan?

In the detailed four-page plan, Portman suggested that Republicans reduce taxes on individuals, corporations and capital gains earnings, make permanent a research and development tax credit, enact medical malpractice reform, pass a law codifying President Barack Obama’s proposal to require cost-benefit analysis in the creation of government regulations, increase federal loan guarantees for nuclear power, lift restrictions for offshore drilling, ratify trade agreements and overhaul federal work force training programs.

But, let me lay something out for you which goes to the crux of GOP talking points:

  1. tax cuts = deficits
  2. tax credits = tax cuts = deficit

Keeping that in mind, Eli notes the following:

So… we have tax cuts, tax credits, tort reform, deregulation, subsidies for energy companies, deregulation again, more NAFTAs, pretending that structural unemployment is a real thing, and austerity (except for tax cuts, obviously). Throw in another war and some gay/women/immigrant/Muslim/science-bashing, and you pretty much have… the Republican agenda for the past 30-40 years. And none of these supposed job-creation strategies do squat to create jobs.

It’s a puzzlement, until you make one little substitution, and change the word “jobs” to “corporate profits.” Suddenly the Republican “job-creation” agenda makes perfect sense, and all that confusion and cognitive dissonance just melts away...

And there you have it -- SOS is the GOP strategy, and none of it will help create jobs for the unemployed.

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Real deficit problem: Tax cuts

From CNN ...

President Obama takes a lot of heat from Republicans for supposedly being a big spender. But when it comes to future deficits, the president's problem isn't spending. It's the tax cuts.

The article

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I believe you've nailed it.

I believe you've nailed it.

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