Jan 9 2013
01:10 pm

(By way of Out of the Blue's Daily Buzz. Unable to find any more info about this. The state legislature hasn't updated their website yet. Anyone have any more specifics? Seems a little outrageous.)

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Harwell mentioned some

Harwell mentioned some changes to the Commercial Appeal last month.

Her proposed restructuring of the committee system combines some existing committees and splits others in an effort to narrow their focus and more evenly balance the workload. She said one committee last year handled about 100 bills while another handled over 500.

The Judiciary Committee will be divided into new Civil Justice and Criminal Justice committees; the State and Local Government Committee will become the Local Government and State Government committees. Commerce will be divided into Business & Utilities and Insurance & Banking committees. Agriculture will be combined with Environment.

Notice how the Big Government committees multiplied?

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Can you image the GOP furor if Ned Ray asked for 15 bill limit?

When Ned Ray ran the House for what seemed like 50 years, could you image how the Republican super minority of the 70s and 80s would have responded?

With this new found SuperMajority in the Tennessee House and Senate, the legislative topics have moved from the things generally necessary to create economic opportunity in the State to the remote, the obscure, and the bizarre.

Any attempt to limit what a representative body can do in a bicameral legislature with a corresponding judicial and executive branch is probably unconstitutional under the Tennessee and the United States constitutions, particularly where there is a so called "balance" of powers.

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Add to that a governor whose

Add to that a governor whose future political viability may well rest on how he can please conservatives and not wind up being embarrassed by the General Assembly.

That seems to be the overriding objective of the Governor and his supporters in the halls of power in Nashville.

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