Aug 29 2014
08:41 pm

Pennsylvania next to expand Medicaid. 9 GOP governors so far.

From MSNBC …

Pennsylvania’s GOP governor expands Medicaid

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from the keine scheisse sherlock files

Because rejecting free money is expensive (h/t Balloon Juice)...
Because indirectly killing people by not allowing them to have affordable insurance, restraining health care based employment, and not knocking down medical care based bankruptcies is bad politics unless you...

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Frontline "Sick around the world"

Troll bonus - What does profit maximization and oligopolistic competition in the health care sector do to quality of care, employment rates, insurance rates, coverage rates, and overall cost?

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Our billionaire governor

Our billionaire governor doesn't care about killing people, but does care about the SPLC's lawsuit against Tennessee.

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Just to be clear, the

Just to be clear, the TJC/SPLC lawsuit is not related to Tenncare/Medicaid expansion. It's about limiting access to the existing programs. More here and here.

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