Mar 11 2006
09:49 am

Well, it seems the pathetic GOP attack on Harold Ford, Jr. has backfired.

The "Fancy Ford" site is pretty ridiculous. Oh, my! He dined at the House Member's Dining Room 60 times. Shocking! (Isn't that what it's for, so Representatives have a place to get a meal?)

At least the "Fancy Frist" site talks about issues, such as Frist's cozy relationship with pharmaceutical companies, his inconsistent stance on port security, etc.

Republicans can't run on their record or the issues, so they have to mount personal attacks against their Democratic opponents. Democrats should just point that out and keep hammering away at the issues.

So, while the Fancy Frist site is amusing, a) he's not running against Ford (that we know of), and b) Ford needs to come out and talk about where Ford stands on the issues. Kurita has. As has been mentioned before, Ford's positions on the issues are "coming soon".

I guess the Ford campaign is still too busy triangulating and the beltway Dems are too busy making funny websites to tell Ford where he stands on the issues.

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Sad, indeed

...that no one has thought to articulate a position against an incumbent who isn't a lame duck.

Not only is Frist not running against Ford, he's not running at all in this cycle.

I wonder when the DSCC is going to take a hard stance on Corker, Bryant, or Hilleary.

Or, rather, will it be, "Ed Bryant is a fine human being! But Ford has a better way!"


If we heard mortar shells, we'd cuss more in our songs and cut down on guitar solos

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Sweet Jebus! Ford's "Ford on

Sweet Jebus! Ford's "Ford on the issues" webpage still says "Coming soon"?

I've been retired from blogging for over a month now, and it was some time before my retirement that I noticed that Ford hadn't taken a stand on the issues there. I suspect we'll be seeing "Coming soon" on that page on Election Day.

Frankly, I'm glad Harold is going to lose this one. Even if it means Frist gets replaced by one of the GOP candidates; we aren't going to get any worse than Frist (I doubt that's possible), and Harold seriously needs to spend a year or two working a real job (something he's never done yet) and getting back in touch with his former constituents.

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