Dec 7 2017
09:00 am

A report in today's Knoxville News Sentinel says that Brunswick is considering the sale of its Sea Ray boat division. According to the KNS report, "Annual sales, pegged at $400 million in 1986, dropped to $380,000 for 2017, and the company is operating at a loss, said, quoting a company spokesperson in a Tuesday conference call."

$380,000 in annual sales? They have boats that cost way more than that. The article quoted by the local McPaper has a typo. The ridiculous figure should have been a red flag for the "reporter" who transcribed the "report" from press releases and google searches. In fact, he could have gone directly to the actual source to learn that the correct figure is $380 million.

Fake news like this can damage companies and the people who work for them.

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Shouldn't you have a screen

Shouldn't you have a screen print of the typo? They'll probably fix it soon, or not.

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It's a Tennessean Reporter.

It's a Tennessean Reporter. Go figure.

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Hard to tell from the bylines

Hard to tell from the bylines these days, but think he's local.


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Where do you get that? If you

Where do you get that? If you Google Jim Gaines Tennessee reporter, the results show he is a Knox News Sentinel reporter.

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The bylines all say USA Today

The bylines all say USA Today Network Tennessee for all the McPapers in the state so it's hard to tell.

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Looks like

Looks like they fixed it just now.

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And no editor's note indicating the change...

There was a time when wrong information was corrected and an "Editor's Note" was offered to give readers some assurance that a newspaper valued accuracy in reporting. I guess the model now is to just act like it never happened and don't admit mistakes. Either that or the mentality is "get rid of the editors and we get rid of the pesky editor's notes."

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They should be grateful

you pay attention enough to correct them. Even their page layout is appalling these days.

Herb's picture

didn't think

the local paper could get any worse. I was way wrong.

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Editors. Editors. Editors.

Editors. Editors. Editors.

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Apparently, there aren't any, so it's.....

Interns. Interns. Interns.

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Picked up the KNS free GO

Picked up the KNS free GO magazine today to look at the outdoor events. They were last weeks.

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