Oct 18 2012
07:45 am

We canceled our subscription to Newsweek a while back because it went to shit when Tina Brown took over. They keep sending us the stupid things and offering us an eight year subscription for $5 or something ridiculous like that.

Today (by way of Southern Beale), we see they are finally giving up and ending the print version. I would almost say it's a shame, because it only took them about six months to completely ruin what was a pretty good newsweekly, especially under Jon Meacham who left when the idiots took over. But it's actually a relief because it means we won't keep getting them in the mail.

P.S. We switched to Time, a far superior product.

PREVIOUSLY: So long, Newsweek. You suck.
AND: Late benefactor's family withdraws funding of struggling Newsweek Daily Beast

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Tina Brown told employees in

Tina Brown told employees in July that rumors of ending the print edition were not true.

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The only credible writer over

The only credible writer over there is Andrew Sullivan, and he's been faxing it in while presumably longing for the day his contract runs out.

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I took Newsweek for 25 years or more and I let it go as well.

It just wasn't any good anymore. Hate it, but its true.

I also let SI go. After both Rick Reilly and Steve Rushin left there weren't any voices I really wanted to hear.

Rachel's picture

Same here. I think I

Same here. I think I subscribed in the late 70s and didn't let it go till maybe 4 years ago.

It used to be that if it didn't show up, I'd be cranky because I WANTED MY NEWSWEEK. By the time I let it go, it just didn't matter anymore.

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The weekly (weakly) newsmag idea is dead

All of them are headed for the elephant's burial ground. Victims of the internets. They may survive online, but they won't be weekly magazines any more.

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Speaking of the Onion...

Thriving 'Onion' Puts Another Print Edition Out Of Business

In related news, got a Newsweek renewal notice in the mail today.

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