Dec 3 2012
08:27 pm

It's a novel about butterflies. Among other things.

Rachel's picture

MANY other things. I

MANY other things. I finished it just before Thanksgiving. I love Kingsolver. This is almost her best - still have to give that award to Poisonwood Bible.

R. Neal's picture

This was my first by this

This was my first by this author. Poisonwood Bible was going to be next on my list. Thanks for the nudge. Great author.

CE Petro's picture

I haven't read Kingsolver's

I haven't read Kingsolver's latest, but wanted to jump in and give a thumbs up on Poisonwood Bible. Won't give any spoilers...

Rachel's picture

All her novels are very

All her novels are very different. Poisonwood Bible is nothing like The Lacuna, which is nothing like Flight Behavior, which is nothing like Pigs in Heaven.....

But I enjoyed them all. Also a big fan of her essays.

Although I confess that Animal, Vegetable, Miracle just made me feel guilty.

Pam Strickland's picture

Of her early works, I would

Of her early works, I would recommend Animal Dreams. But nothing matches The Posionwood Bible.

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I'm only half way through the

I'm only half way through the book. It is a good read. A much more serious topic than one might imagine. Had never heard of the author prior to being told about this book.

Pam Strickland's picture

Really? I've been reading her

Really? I've been reading her for 20 years at least. I used to keep her name on a bulletin board above my desk as inspiration. She is an incredible writer. Grew up in Kentucky then lived in Arizona for many, many years. She has a degree in biology and was a technical writer for years before she finally followed her dream and started writing fiction. And she writes wonderful political essays too. Great nonfiction. I highly recommend "Animal, Vegetable, Mineral" which is the story of her family's year of living strictly on foods grown within 100 miles of their Virginia home. I believe it was that experience that lead to the restaurant that Toby references elsewhere in this thread.

I had a friend who was living in Africa when she read "The Poisonwood Bible," and she was so moved by it that she wrote Kingsolver and actually got a handwritten response. I was more than a little jealous. Kingsolver and a singer whose name escapes me at the moment did an anti-mountaintop removal fundraiser at the Bijou last winter sometime. I think it was for LEAF.

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Close to home

Prodigal Summer is also a fine book.

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Thanks for the tip. The

Thanks for the tip. The Amazon Kindle edition is available for only $2.99.

(It appears most of her books are also available through the Blount Co. e-book lending library, but there are waiting lists for all of them, 36 for Flight Behavior.)

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Trivia: "Feathertown" sounds

Trivia: "Feathertown" sounds suspiciously a lot like Byrdstown, where all my family is from (the smallest county in the state and very rural - you can't get there from anywhere). I'm guessing "Cleary" is Cookeville.

Rachel's picture

Hmmm. I assumed this was

Hmmm. I assumed this was about upper east tenn. But the plateau would work as well.

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