Feb 3 2006
12:34 pm
By: Andy Axel  shortURL

Reverend Fred "God Hates Fags" Phelps is coming to Oak Grove, KY to "protest" at a memorial service for the fallen soldiers of the 101st from nearby Ft. Campbell, KY.

The theory is that grieving family members need a reminder that God is punishing America's abominable behavior in endorsing the gay, uh, lifestyle? Agenda?

Whatever it is, Phelps isn't known for espousing dog-whistle views on religion. The running notion is that God is punishing America by killing American soldiers with roadside bombs.

(more on the flip)

Phelps preaches that God hates America because the country has been taken over by gays, a sin that God punishes by killing troops.

The group, composed mostly of Phelps' family members and a few friends, has traveled around the country to spread its message by protesting military funerals.


"We're doing it because our job is to cause Americans to know our abomination," Phelps-Roper said in a phone interview. "God is punishing this nation. One of his weapons of choice is the IED (improvised explosive device).

"It's killing our young people in battle. You have turned this country to those [fags]; now they're coming home in those body bags," she said..

(expletive restored)

Your mission, if you choose to accept it...

Members of Topeka's Westboro Baptist Church, led by the Rev. Fred Phelps, have secured a permit to stage a protest outside Gate 4 on Highway 41A from 5-5:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Hopefully, there aren't any live-fire exercises scheduled for the middle of next week. But God wouldn't put Rev. Phelps anywhere near an area where the Army trains our fighting men and women how to use a Howitzer, would he?

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I love this guy...

Ok, I hate this guy. But I love when this guy opens his mouth, he likely shocks the hell out of such moderates as Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and Dr. James Dobson.

What I hope mostly, is that when he speaks, if "normal" fundamentalist Christian's hear him, hopefully it sinks in that they sort of believe the same things, just in a more mild mannered way. And maybe they will not want to be like that so much anymore.

One can hope.


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Robertson, Falwell and

Robertson, Falwell and Dobson are moderate? Where I went to church (First Methodist, Mt. Carmel, Tennessee) they didn't teach us the hate and greed these bastard preach. Moderates my ass.

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I'm sorry...

I meant to use sarcasm tags. I don't think those folks are "moderates" at all. The closest thing to a true Christian moderate i've ever seen is probably Jimmy Carter or Billy Graham. And i'm 30 years old, so I have no true frame of reference to history. Sorry for the confusion. ---------------------------------------- Placeholder for a witty signature.
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The antics of the Phelps

The antics of the Phelps gang are sometimes interesting to follow, but people (I'm not saying you, just people in general) tend to get disproportionately outraged over them. Yeah, their protests are in about the most deplorably bad taste imaginable, but they're crazy. Totally stark-raving. They're all the same family, they go to a church they set up for themselves whose core religious principle is that homosexuality is wrong, and that's about it. All vice and all evil flows out of homosexuality and the tolerance thereof. Therefore, since America allows homosexuality to exist (it apparently did not exist before Fred Phelps was born. And yeah, that's a double entendre), all cataclysmic misfortune befalling us owes to that moral weakness. Wackos. They're not worth the outrage. By this point, their stale act isn't even worth any attention.

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