Jan 11 2013
10:57 am

Statement from Gloria Johnson by way of the TNDP:

Despite Committee Appointments, Rep. Johnson Pledges to Fight for Tennessee Students

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- State Rep. Gloria Johnson, a Knoxville schoolteacher, made it clear Thursday she would fight for education reforms that benefit all Tennessee students despite the fact that she was passed over for the state House committee that studies education policy.

Rep. Johnson released the following statement:

"Teachers have watched as a lot of bad ideas were turned into law in the last two years, from the for-profit Internet experiment that failed students to the misguided reforms that devalued the contributions of great teachers. It was my hope that I would be able use my two decades of classroom experience on the education committee to directly influence reforms that empower students to succeed.

"Strong public schools are the key to preparing every child -- regardless of zip code -- for 21st century jobs. It is pretty apparent the Republicans who control Nashville don't want to have a debate that could potentially derail their special interest scheme to start diverting the hard-earned money we pay in taxes away from our public school classrooms to private institutions that do not have to prove they offer better outcomes for our children."

Johnson will serve as a member on the Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee and the Health Committee.

Sandra Clark's picture


Reckon Speaker Harwell had heard of Gloria's interest in urban chickens?

Tamara Shepherd's picture


Excellent assessment of just where TN is today with regard to public education, Gloria.

Please save that press release for use in floor debate to arise soon!

And thank you in advance for the thoughtful votes I know you'll cast. So glad you're there.

michael kaplan's picture

bravo gloria!

bravo gloria!

AnonymousOne's picture

Conflict of interest for her

Conflict of interest for her to serve on the Education Committee.

Is Knox County paying her full time while she's away for a good part of the year in Nashville?

R. Neal's picture

Think she's on a leave of

Think she's on a leave of absence? At any rate, it's pretty clear where you're coming from. What's your conflict?

glostik's picture


Legislative leave without pay, it's in the TCA and KCS policy.

From what I can tell, there have been lawyers on Judiciary and Civil and Criminal Justice, doctors and nurses on Health, bankers or insurance guys on Insurance and Banking, business owners on Business, teachers on Education, and farmers on Agriculture. I am trying to find the conflict myself.

Pam Strickland's picture

Professionals of all sorts

Professionals of all sorts have served on the legislative committees that debated their specific profession for years. I don't see the problem.

reform4's picture

It's a conflict

because she has knowledge and facts related to the issue of Education, and we can't have that in our supermajority legislature, now can we?

Local Citizen's picture

To the winners goes the

To the winners goes the spoils.

The Super Majority is getting ready to "gut" public education.

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NRA members in the state

NRA members in the state ledge who speak out on gun and crime issues have a conflict of interest.

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