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If you're 18 and have a HS diploma you too can "hire" teachers!

I am disgusted by this bill. Further, since boards of education are now responsible for coming up with a pay plan and benefits, I believe that those who hold these positions should be required to have obtained Master's Degrees. That is because teachers are, at minimum, required to obtain Bachelor's degrees. I do not think a position that only requires one to be 18 and hold a HS diploma demands enough education to allow those holding the position to be able to have the critical thinking and judgement skills needed to make the best decisions for children or to fully comprehend the full scope of hiring and fully compensating professional educators!

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The intent of this bill is to destroy unions. Period.

This bill is going to take away the right of our very well qualified and very well educated professionals who teach our children...the right to choose to become a member of organized labor, to be represented by leaders who provide safe and secure work places, and protect teachers from unfair hiring and employment practices. A majority of our public school teachers either already have MA degrees or are currently working to earn advanced degrees.

This is only the latest outrage to come out of the 3-ring circus run by the bizarre clowns that run the Legislature.

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I'm thinking "How many local

I'm thinking "How many local teachers voted for these yahoos?" And don't they know how unions benefit them personally?
I'm afraid they will soon find out the hard way.
Too bad many excellent and smart teachers who know how to vote will suffer alongside the idiots.

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