May 30 2017
06:54 pm
By: Tamara Shepherd  shortURL

Oh, girlfrans. My cousin dropped by moments ago with The. Best. Ice cream. Ever.

That would be Blue Bell's "Bride's Cake" flavor. Label reads "almond flavored ice cream with cake pieces and Amaretto flavored cream cheese icing." That's right, there isn't even any chocolate in it. At all.

Denali Extreme Moose Tracks just dropped to a perfectly respectable second place.

Now make haste to your nearest Kroger.

bizgrrl's picture

I'm more of a cake eater, but

I'm more of a cake eater, but that sounds pretty excellent since it has cake!

Tamara Shepherd's picture


That post wasn't really "progressive citizen media," I guess. Forgive me--I was swept away!

(Thelma and Louise, I was particularly embarrassed to see later that the post appeared *on the home page* of KnoxTNToday. Hadn't noticed previously that the site linked to KV! My bad!)

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