Jan 26 2017
11:51 am

In a approximately a year, one(or more) of tRump's inner circle will have resigned their position and will have a book on the way. As The Young Turks pointed out, all of them want to be more famous and more wealthy.

Now, my bet is that Sean Spicer will be the first one out trying to capitalize on his year of torture. However, I am willing to entertain argument. So who do you think will be the first out and/or the first to publish a book about their time with Trumplethinskin? They do not have to be the same person. If you have insight as to why you came to the conclusion you came to, I'd like it if you could share that too.

Kelly Anne Conjob is the obvious 2nd choice(or is than an alternate 1st choice?). She is not a billionaire just yet and is too old to get a prime spot on Faux News.

So place your bets on who will be the first to want to spend more time with their family. Cogitate on who will write the best, most tremendous, incredible, you-can-believe-me, truest book about their time in The Gold House

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Not Stephen Miller. He is

Not Stephen Miller. He is best known for working for Republican Senator Jeff Sessions and President Donald Trump. He is now a Senior Advisor to the President.

accused the poet Maya Angelou of "racial paranoia"

worked as a press secretary for Congresswoman Michele Bachmann

Miller, along with Steve Bannon, is credited with writing Trump's inaugural address.

Miller's expecting a long happy term for Trump?

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It depends on whether Trump can make them sign non-disclosure agreements like he did with his campaign staff. If so, he'll sue the heck out of anybody who writes a book.

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I'm going to be spitting in the wind, here, but what the hell.

After eight years of conservatives referring to President Obama with schoolyard names like "Obummer," etc., I would implore those of us who would like to level (deadly serious and justified) criticisms at the current administration to refrain from the same sort of childishness, such as "tRump," or "Kelly Anne Conjob." The seriousness of the concerns about Trump et al is undercut by the name calling. Only those already in agreement will even consider the accompanying content. Other than perhaps individual catharsis, that doesn't accomplish much.

I do understand the feeling of disdain for the current president, and would therefore suggest Lawrence Fishburne's approach. In an interview last night with Trevor Noah, Fishburne noted that rather than utter the man's name, he refers to him by his presidential placeholder number: 45. It's clinical, technically accurate, and -without being childish- communicates an acknowledgement of his existence without conveying any particular sense of deference or respect.

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You have some points but you

You have some points but you miss the elephant in the room.

The nicknames, whether derogatory or positive, are all part of a gentle psychological effort. You want to get to a point where no one, fan or critic, can see Kelly Anne on the telly without hearing "Conjob" in their head. "Trumplethinskin" is yet another that I should stick to. He is quite thin skinned and the fairy tale is fairly well known among Boomers. If you stop to think about it, you will find several instances wherein the ploy was used quite effectively.

You think of it as petty insults and while that may well be a component, I fully intend to take every opportunity to remind his supporters, and more importantly the reich-winger who are supporting him under duress, of exactly who he is.

So no. You do you, you feel free to act and speak as you feel appropriate. But do NOT expect me to act according to your internal understanding. 'Cause that just aint gonna happen.

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Didn't say "expect," but

Didn't say "expect," but rather "implore."

I would just wonder how effective eight years worth of insulting names for Obama was at getting you to consider him to be a horrible person. Or, for that matter, how effective it was at getting you to consider much of anything else someone employing one of those names had to say.

For me, at least, coming across one of those was mostly a useful tool for quickly filtering out people who had nothing useful to contribute.

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Same here.

Although the Mango Mussolini nickname amuses me, I usually just call him Trump, because I don't want to sink to the level of Pres. Obama's opposition. Also, I rarely refer to him as Pres. Trump, but that's as petty as I'm willing to be.

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I refer to him as trump or donald, never using caps. However, sometimes "trumplethinskin" is just so appropriate.

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And Flynn is the first one out. Now to be fair, he probably does not have sufficient material for a book of any quality but then, he did not have sufficient sanity to have the damn job in the first place.

In any case, I did not see that coming (when I composed the OP). I still think Baghdad Bob Spicer or Kelly Anne Conjob will be first out with a book deal but, Flynn certainly has set an aggressive example.

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Yowza! “I am tendering my


I am tendering my resignation, honored to have served our nation and the American people in such a distinguished way,” Mr. Flynn wrote.
“In just three weeks,” Mr. Flynn said, the new president “has reoriented American foreign policy in fundamental ways to restore America’s leadership position in the world.”

Ha, ha, ha....

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Wiretapped the conversation?

Wiretapped the conversation?

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Does Puzder count?

Does Puzder count?


Guess his memoir will be short.
Too bad DeVos got through before they started paying attention.

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I'm gonna have to go with

I'm gonna have to go with "no". Never confirmed and really, not viable from the beginning.

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