Oct 4 2012
10:00 am

All the reviewers seem to be in love with the Kindle Paperwhite, Amazon's new lighted ereader.

I don't think I'll be upgrading. I'm still loving my 3G with a keyboard.

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I'm thinking seriously about

I'm thinking seriously about it. Like the idea of a backlight and the 8 week battery life. Hard to justify a THIRD kindle, though (not counting the Mrs.'s two Kindles plus a Nook.)

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4 Kindles and a Nook for two people and a pup who, while no doubt exceptional, probably doesn't use any of the readers often.

I've not taken the Kindle plunge. I havs my iPad and the few times I have read on it have been OK, but not like having a book in my hands.

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The technique used to light

The technique used to light the screen is fascinating, especially with those battery life claims.

I bought a third Kindle last Christmas, a Touch that I gave my neighbor Jacob. He later got a Fire for his birthday so the Touch went to his dad. We've had to send two of them back to Amazon with screen problems. They've been very accommodating with rapid replacements but they are still within the warranty period.

I kept Jake's Touch on my Amazon account for a while and got some fun teasing him for his download of a free copy of War and Peace. I asked him if his Kindle was a bit heavier after the download. He said they had been discussing the book in class.

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Perhaps the one thing I

Perhaps the one thing I didn't like about the original Kindle was the lack of a backlight. Everything else about it, no complaints. So maybe. I'm getting quite a bit of use out of the Fire that I got last year, even with its dearth of support for a lot of Droid apps (yes, yes, rootkit, blah... I don't want to break Netflix support by putting a hacked version of Jellybean on it).

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I'm Too Easy

It seems that everywhere I have looked the last few days there has been somebody yelling about how wonderful these new Paperwhites are supposed to be. There have been a few on Amazon's page bitching about uneven lighting on theirs but I have seen photos from others, Matthew Miller of ZDNet for instance, that show no evidence of a problem.

So I have ordered one. This time I opted for the WiFi only model (without ads) since I rarely have had the occasion to use 3G on my present device. I had to get on a 4 to 6 week waiting list so, if you're planning on using these for stocking stuffers, I would suggest ordering soon.

PS: Now that I have ordered mine, I expect that it won't be long before Amazon starts practically giving these things away as the rumor mill is predicting. Just as RCA did with their crappy little automatic singles players in the 50s, Amazon could probably recoup the cost of the readers with the sales of media.

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Just got a note from Amazon to tell me that my Paperwhite should be delivered between November 1 and 3. The Touch and Keyboard Kindles, in fact all Kindles that used the Pearl ink display, are gone from Amazon's ereader lineup.

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The cover for my Paperwhite

The cover for my Paperwhite was delivered yesterday. It has a magnetic fastener that holds it closed. It also turns the device on when opened and puts it in sleep mode when it's closed. I hated the Amazon cover for my Kindle 3G with its g-string closure contraption but this one is quite nice.

The Kindle Paperwhite Leather Cover

The SD card is there for some sense of scale. The Paperwhite has no facility for adding external memory. I discovered too that my source was wrong, the Touch and Keyboard 3G Kindles are still available from Amazon - but I'm not sure why.

I guess it's to empty the pipe.

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My Paperwhite was Delivered Yesterday

Is it worth upgrading? I think so.

The new operating system is much friendlier than my Keyboard 3G model. The page looks great too. I don't notice much difference in normal light but it is in lower ambient light that it shines (sorry for the shameless pun).

The new leather cover is a treat too. I hated the old G-string closure of Amazon's Kindle 3 generation cover. This new one has a magnetic closure that puts the device into sleep mode when closed and wakes it when it's opened. It's not as bulky either, it disappears when you're enjoying your book.

On another note, I have found a boat load of DRM free ebooks here at coinread. Some are PDFs and some are in the epub format but Calibre will handily convert them to mobi files so the Kindle will display them.

Some goodies such as To Kill a Mockingbird and Shelby Foote's three-volume The Civil War are titles I haven't seen anywhere else in ebooks. I also got a copy of Suttree and The Lies of Sarah Palin, a real hoot so far.

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I've been using the Blount

I've been using the Blount County Library to check out books lately. Have had pretty good luck, but usually have to wait for other readers to finish.

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I haven't used my Kindle to

I haven't used my Kindle to borrow books from the library. I started to last summer and discovered that my library card had expired for lack of use. I haven't gotten around to getting a new one.

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I spent $25 to join the

I spent $25 to join the Blount Library. Their partnership agreement with the state (R.E.A.D.S.) is an awesome resource for digital books.

I've been using Overdrive on my Droid devices to listen to audio books. Between driving (streaming through Bluetooth) and yard work, I've increased my book consumption by probably 100%. The selection through the Blount Library is much better than Knox Library.

I also bought memberships for a couple of staff members so they could take free classes through the Ed2Go program.

I'm beginning to think the concept of fewer branches and more resources is really a much better way to go.

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As I recall I wasn't that

As I recall I wasn't that impressed with the list of ebooks available at the Knox County Library either.

I find that I'm reading much more too since I use an ereader, first my old Palm TX, then my succession of Kindles and, in a pinch, my iPod Touch.

I own paper copies of Foote's The Civil War but, at 2 1/2 inches thick, they are a pain to read comfortably.

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Just Discovered This Morning

and downloaded.

Amazon is selling Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City: Volume I right now for $2.99.

If you never joined Mary Ann Singleton in her move from Cleveland to San Francisco, now is the time to do it.

PS: I think I've always loved Mouse.

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....but not like having a

....but not like having a book in my hands.

Try hauling a copy of The Civil War around or holding it open to your place with one hand as you hold an Arby's roast beast sandwich in the other.

Or, for that matter, doing the same thing with a full-size iPad.

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I, too, prefer hardcopy

I, too, prefer hardcopy books. However, I'm really getting hooked on my Kindle. Although, I really still want to go back to the Nook so I'm not so tied to Amazon.

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Try hauling a copy of The

Try hauling a copy of The Civil War around or holding it open to your place with one hand as you hold an Arby's roast beast sandwich in the other.

Or, for that matter, doing the same thing with a full-size iPad.

You can use the iPad cover to make a nifty little stand. Then it's easy just to set the thing on the table, and you can safely keep both hands at 10 and 2 on the roast beast sandwich while simultaneously reading Moby Dick, War and Peace, or whatever you like.

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Speaking of Moby Dick, Encore

Speaking of Moby Dick, Encore Networks is running what appears from the previews to be a pretty good mini-series beginning tonight at 8:00.

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I'm still reading books.

I'm still reading books. Still prefer to read books, except I'll admit that the 1000 pager I finshed last week was really too bulky to hold while reading.

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paperbacks and e-readers

Somewhere I saw stats that indicated that e-readers are killing the paperback market, but that hardback book sales are still edging up.

It makes sense if you think about it. Paperbacks have always been the portable, disposable, cheaper option. E-readers enhance those qualities. If you're getting a book because you're thinking of it as a "keeper," well, e-books don't offer that sense of permanence. You'll buy the hardback for that.

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