Apr 15 2011
07:25 am
By: bizgrrl  shortURL

A tree buffer is removed without any warning. The Boxwood Hills Community loses protection from the noise pollution of Parkside Drive. The Boxwood Hills Community has been there for over 40 years.

Yes, it is likely it was on private property. Yes, it is likely there is nothing on the books to require the trees to be left alone.

No, the land owner doesn't care about the neighborhood. Ask forgiveness, not permission.

No, local government can't say (yet anyway) there was anything in writing to require the tree buffer be left alone.

This landowner will get no awards for being community friendly. Who is the landowner? It's hard to tell right now. It could be the Goodfriend family, of the Goody's retail stores. It could be Choto Partners. They purchased some of the land in question just this past month.


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