May 11 2018
07:18 am

Democrats may not care for George Will, but he lately is speaking up against the current leaders.

In December, 2017, he wrote, "By joining Stephen K. Bannon’s buffoonery on Moore’s behalf, the 45th president planted an exclamation point punctuating a year of hitherto unplumbed presidential depths. He completed his remarkably swift — it has taken less than 11 months — rescue of the 17th, Andrew Johnson, from the ignominy of ranking as the nation’s worst president."

More recently, May, 2018, he writes, "Trump is no longer the worst person in government. Donald Trump, with his feral cunning, knew. The oleaginous Mike Pence, with his talent for toadyism and appetite for obsequiousness, could, Trump knew, become America’s most repulsive public figure. And Pence, who has reached this pinnacle by dethroning his benefactor, is augmenting the public stock of useful knowledge. Because his is the authentic voice of today’s lickspittle Republican Party, he clarifies this year’s elections: Vote Republican to ratify groveling as governing."

Many Democrats/Liberals knew Pence was worse than Trump. I've found that to be a reason to be scared if Trump were to be impeached.

Is this why the Maryville Daily Times newspaper decided to discontinue running his columns?

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One thing about a George Will

One thing about a George Will column is that it always sends you to the dictionary.

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P.S. I generally don't like

P.S. I generally don't like the guy but his "Men at Work" book about baseball is really good. And I'm not really much of a baseball fan. A good follow up is "Moneyball" by Michael Lewis.

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