Jun 19 2018
07:19 pm

S&P Dow Jones Indices announced on Tuesday that the iconic maker of light bulbs and jet engines will be replaced in the 30-stock index by Walgreens Boots Alliance.

GE (GE) was an original member of the Dow in 1896 and has been in it continuously since November 7, 1907.

General Electric gets booted from the Dow

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A phone/ technology company

A phone/ technology company (Apple) replaced AT&T in 2015. Now a pharmacy company replaces GE. Times ara changing.

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The last GE-branded light

The last GE-branded light bulb I bought - made outside the US - fell apart. (The glass bulb separated from the base.) But to be fair, there are now at least two class-action lawsuits against Apple for a defective keyboard design.

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Just bought some GE LED

Just bought some GE LED bulbs. Hope they'll last 10 + years. Have a 15 year old GE range that we look to last a while longer. You sometimes have to wonder how companies survive when their products last so long. Volume!?!?

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