Aug 24 2017
05:54 pm

From one of my latest newsletters I chronicle a gross tactic employed by some real estate agents to get business:

Funeral Chaser Agents Strike Our Area

CE Petro's picture

This was not sent by a Realtor

Cameron, if you bothered reading the thread on the Realtor forum associated with that letter, or did a basic license search on the site, you would have learned that:

1. The person that wrote that letter was NOT a Realtor;
2. The person that wrote that letter is a real estate INVESTOR;
3. Chasing obituaries has been going on since there were real estate agents, because it is (like it or not) a source of listings.

That particular letter is not an appropriate way to contact the family of the deceased. Perpetuating the misnomer this letter was sent by a Realtor is just as inappropriate.

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