Oct 29 2008
10:33 am

Rumors are flying and it's leaking over into the media. Based on recent remarks by AD Hamilton (and this season's record so far), it seems all but inevitable.

It's a sad way to go out for a guy whose blood runs as orange as any Tennessee Volunteer coach, player, or fan who ever lived.

Brian A.'s picture

It is sad to see. But a

It is sad to see. But a growing number of fans (including me) are tired of not being competitive with the big boys anymore.

Brian A.
I'd rather be cycling.

R. Neal's picture

And it seems like a steady

And it seems like a steady decline for some reason.

bill young's picture

1 guy ain't too sad

The ole UT '56 All-American Halfback.

You know the guy.

His brother Bobby was a '71 All-American returning punts & playing d-b playing for the Big Orange.

His brother Bill died in a tragic train car crash in '65 while coaching here.

Was head coach in some unforgetable games

Three come to mind

'82 Bama,'85 Sugar Bowl,'91 Notre Dame

That's one guy that ain't too sad.

bizgrrl's picture

He should have left while he

He should have left while he was ahead. That's what Spurrier did. He may not be "great" now but UF fans didn't have to kick him out.

Ragsdale2010's picture

He's made about $25 million from UT over 17 years

and they will pay him another $6 million over the next four years to put'er in park for a while.

He would not have been able to pull that kind of salary anywhere else but here in Knoxville and while the show is over and the music is winding down, he should not forget how well he has fared here.

Johnny Majors never made a total of $6 million his entire tenure here.

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