Feb 2 2018
06:48 am

We decided to take a drive down to the Hiwassee Wildlife Refuge to see the sandhill cranes. It's a little late and most of them have left, but we saw a few hundred. The end of December/first of January is the best time to go, but it was too cold. A gentleman there who lives in the area said biologists counted about 27,000 cranes at the peak. He said there was a whooping crane around, too, but we didn't see it. Click on the photo below for a few more...

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Also, for future reference,

Also, for future reference, if you use Google for directions don't just put in Hiwassee Wildlife Refuge. You'll end up in a subdivision on the wrong side of the river. Put in "Hiwassee Wildlife Refuge Priddy Lane". This will direct you to the observation platform. Nearby is the Cherokee Removal Memorial Park and the former Blythe Ferry where it dead ends into the river.

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A skunked walked through a

A skunked walked through a group of the birds causing them to jump around. Trying to scare it off?

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Here's an amazing shakycam

Here's an amazing shakycam video by the Mrs. from Dec. 2008...

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