Mar 17 2017
06:19 am

Today we have a Red-Bellied Woodpecker that has been hanging around the feeders for a few weeks. Click the image for some other poses. Taken through a window across the back yard, severely cropped.

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I've got a nesting pair of Cooper's...

My female Cooper's is eyeing our feeder area. Probably browsing the morning menu. They are so close she could just reach out and grab one. DSC04944.JPG

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Great pic! Scary looking.

Great pic! Scary looking.

We've watched at least a couple of casualties by hawks and one by a neighbors cat.

Our latest problem is sparrows. We saw a bluebird hanging around our old, beat up bluebird nest box. We got a nice new one and put it up.

Two days later house sparrows had started a nest. We tore it up and left the box open for about a week then closed it back up.

A couple of days ago we saw the bluebirds checking it out, and the sparrows came back and ran them off and went inside. No nest this time, but we left it open again. Closed it back up today, we'll see what happens. Seems like a losing battle.

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Bluebird blues

NABA has been trying to solve the house sparrow problem forever. Our boxes are the Tuttle design with good predator guards but we'll likely have both of them filled with house wrens again this year. "Tuttle" was my 9th grade science teacher and for years after we graduated we talked with him to continue to hear his stories about how far he could throw a house sparrow nest....

Here's my pair. The female on the left has a full crop ( of tasty titmouse) and the male is on the right. He is just a goofy bird and I think he is afraid of her. While she ate he kept his back to her the entire time.

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