Feb 3 2006
01:19 pm

Nothing new this week, so here's a nondescript sandpiper of some sort (I think) from the "wish I were there" file.

R. Neal's picture

Knoxrocks, this was taken at

Knoxrocks, this was taken at Daytona Beach, FL.

Metulj, isn't it amazing how some wildlife can adapt to seemingly unsuitable habitat? I guess for hawks and falcons, though, high perches and lots of rats (and an occaisional squirrel) can make for pretty good habitat.

knoxrocks's picture


thanks, i was wrong,,,i am only good with chicken and the one finger birds,,,thanks again
Andy Axel's picture

Ooh, the "wish I was there"

Ooh, the "wish I was there" file...

Wonder if I have any pictures from Auckland handy.

Nope. Darn it.

Great shot, Bubba.


If we heard mortar shells, we'd cuss more in our songs and cut down on guitar solos

knoxrocks's picture

photo ?

was wondering where this photo was taken at ?,,,i have a guess,,thanks


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