May 19 2010
02:15 pm

The ETSPJ had a workshop Monday on open records. The workshop was for journalists, bloggers, and anyone else interested in what kinds of public records are available and how to get them.

The presenter was David Cuillier, Ph.D., chairman of the SPJ Freedom of Information Committee and SPJ newsroom trainer. He is an assistant professor of journalism at the University of Arizona in Tucson, where he teaches public affairs reporting, computer-assisted reporting and access to public records. His websites are FOI FYI and The Art of Access, and he's blogging his 45-day speaking tour at Access Across America.

We weren't able to attend, but ETSPJ member Michael Grider was kind enough to forward the handout which Dr. Cuillier has graciously made available for distribution.

It's a comprehensive resource on the types of records available, various state and federal open records laws, and techniques to request, and get, access to records. There's also a section for consumers on how public records can help with such things as home purchases.

Here's the handout: Unlocking the Power of Public Records


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