Sep 6 2007
08:43 am

Fred Thompson announces on the Jay Leno show. Seems appropriate. It was big, above the fold front page news in the Knoxville News Sentinel, with a huge color photo of Fred and Jay.

I predicted that Thompson would decide not to run. Looks like I was wrong. Paging Al Gore!

Some reaction.

• TN Guerrilla Women: Fred Gets Trashed by Rightwingers, but Announces on Leno Anyway

• Sharon Cobb: Do You Want Four More Years Of George Bush? If So, Vote For Fred Thompson

• Volunteer Voters: Thompson announcement video and a roundup

• TN Politics: Sen. Alexander endorses Thompson, and a link roundup

• The Crone Speaks: Teh Liberal Hollywood

Newscoma: Fred Thompson Is Tall

• Crooks & Liars: Hollywood Fred’s Campaign Launch Gets Bumpy

• Liberal Oasis: Run Newt Run!

• Political Wire: Clinton, Thompson lead in South Carolina

Andy Axel's picture

Ah, Frederick of Hollywood -

Ah, Frederick of Hollywood - using the Tonight Show as an announcement vehicle.

What a man of the people.

Did Jay haul out the red pickup?


I'm a guy in a Reagan mask -- and I'm running for President!

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