Oct 28 2012
02:38 pm
By: R. Neal  shortURL


Even though it is 250 miles off the coast of North Carolina, Hurricane Sandy is sending rain our way in East Tennessee.

This is a massive storm. The latest NOAA advisory says tropical storm winds extend 520 miles out from the center, making the storm more than 1,000 miles across.

The National Weather Service also says that a related "rare meteorological setup" will cause snowfall across the Central and Southern Appalachians starting tomorrow afternoon (advisory), with accumulation of four to eight inches in higher elevations of SW Virginia and NE Tennessee.

CBS reports that officials along the Northeast coastal areas are preparing for torrential rains, high winds and a four to eight foot storm surge that could cause widespread flooding. Evacuations have been ordered along the coasts of Delaware, New Jersey, and Connecticut. New York City has shut down subways and other public transportation and ordered the evacuation of lower Manhattan.

Stu Ostro, Weather Channel Senior Meteorologist:

History is being written as an extreme weather event continues to unfold, one which will occupy a place in the annals of weather history as one of the most extraordinary to have affected the United States.

fischbobber's picture

It's whipping here

In Knoxville too. I thought there was also a trough of cold air moving due south. As we left camporee this morning the two brothers wearing the bad monkey t-shirts we're listening to a report suggesting that variables were changing so fast, the forecasters were all hedging their bets.

bizgrrl's picture

Don't know the amount of rain

Don't know the amount of rain they are predicting in Greenville, just hope you aren't living in a flood plain.

Min's picture

It's beautfiul today in Nashville.

It's cool, but the sky is blue with a few puffy white clouds. It looks like we're going to miss most of the precipitation from the storm, but our temperatures are supposed to stay low for a few days.

Hildegard's picture

A friend of mine (in

A friend of mine (in Knoxville) saw what he described as "a convoy of 40+ utility trucks with Texas plates" heading east on I-40.

Rachel's picture

Radar here shows the rain

Radar here shows the rain moving west to east. I think it's from the front moving through rather than Sandy.

Stan G's picture

Wind and Moon Tides

Ocean Grove, NJ 36 hours before Sandy is predicted to arrive. 90 to 100 mph winds predicted for New York Harbor including Lower Manhattan.

gonzone's picture

Snow starting in the

Snow starting in the mountains of SW Virginia as of 5:30 I'm told.

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Winds were whipping in

Winds were whipping in Asheville during the weekend, temperatures dropped from low 80's to mid 40's. Drove back from Moogfest this morning; active rain bands extended all the way from Asheville back to about the Davidson-Wilson county line.

Factchecker's picture

A friend of mine (in

A friend of mine (in Knoxville) saw what he described as "a convoy of 40+ utility trucks with Texas plates" heading east on I-40.

Oddly, we were driving home this evening and what looked like a fairly long convoy of utility trucks passed us northbound on Alcoa Hwy, some with yellow lights flashing. Were they coming from Blount county? Where were they headed?

This has come to be a regular sighting in the last couple of years. (Though Knoxville hosted a lot of AT&T line workers in 2011 for labor reasons not directly tied to storms, as I heard it from one of them who responded to my service call.)

Somebody's picture

If I remember correctly an

If I remember correctly an NPR report from this morning, they quoted someone with a New England utility remarking that there are about 25,000 utility workers out there, and there are already 27,000 requests for assistance in anticipation of this storm.

Andy Axel's picture

Saw those too. There were at

Saw those too. There were at least 2 dozen cherry-pickers and a lot of them said TREES INC on the side. Got a good look too because traffic was backed up from the 81N-40E split for about 10 miles due to an accident.

Hildegard's picture

If this turns out to be as

If this turns out to be as big of a mess as is predicted, I imagine there will be another rooferpalooza. I wonder how the increasing frequency of extreme weather will change how and where people build in the future.

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CNN is reporting on the air

CNN is reporting on the air 14 rescued and 2 missing from HMS Bounty.

Mr. Obama to speak to the nation at 12:45.

redmondkr's picture

Twitter photo this morning

Somebody's picture

Those guys are hard core.

Those guys are hard core.

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Flooding already in NJ, CT,

Flooding already in NJ, CT, Long Island, and Battery Park in Lower Manhattan, and the storm is still more than a hundred miles offshore. They say it will make landfall at high tide with a possible 12 ft. storm surge.

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Atlantic City flooding has already broken previous record

Per Time NewsFeed:

Oct. 29, 12:35 p.m.: The oceanfront town of Atlantic City, N.J. is largely under water, with the Press of Atlantic City reporting that the flooding from the Monday morning high tide has reached record-breaking levels, approaching 8.3 feet in Atlantic City and 8.9 feet in Cape May. The city’s Hurricane Sandy flooding has broken the previous record, set by Hurricane Gloria in 1985. New Jersey governor Chris Christie warns that “this is not a time to be a show-off; this is not a time to be stupid.” Parts of the city are under five feet of water and a number of emergency operations are underway to rescue people who didn’t heed evacuation orders. The casinos in the city closed at noon and the convention center is being used as an emergency shelter.

(From the above link, scroll down to see pic of flooding in Brooklyn at 11:05 a.m.)

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Red Hook

That Red Hook picture in Brooklyn is about 8 blocks from my sister's house. She says they already have four evacuees from lower ground staying with one of her upstairs neighbors, and that the wind is bad, with "trees going down like crazy."

Tamara Shepherd's picture


The honor guard?

Yes, pic gave me shivers.

fischbobber's picture

The honor guard?

I think you might mean "The Old Guard".


My step-dad used to have command of this unit and they can be sticklers for detail.

Tamara Shepherd's picture


ABC live updates here.


NYC shelters already have 3000 displaced residents (and 73 pets) and Bloomberg has closed schools for tomorrow, as well.

Atlantic City has established curfew from 6:00 p.m. today through 6:00 a.m. tomorrow.

Boston reported 66 mph winds before noon today.

And it's another 9 or 10 hours before this thing hits shore?! Wow...

Rachel's picture

And it's another 9 or 10

And it's another 9 or 10 hours before this thing hits shore?!

Keep in mind that the official "hits shore" definition is the eye. This thing is so huge that the storm is arriving LONG before the eye.

Tamara Shepherd's picture


Yes, and at that above ABC link, they're now reporting an earlier landfall time:

2:03 PM EDT: The National Hurricane Center has updated its forecast, predicting that Hurricane Sandy will now make landfall “along or just south of the southern New Jersey coast by early evening,” perhaps between 5 pm a 7pm Eastern.

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That's nuts. At 13'

That's nuts. At 13' elevation, between a storm surge on the Egg Harbor River and the accumlulated precipitation (3 in or so already), massive flooding is a near certainty there.

bizgrrl's picture

Do they have a boat?

Do they have a boat?

Hildegard's picture

I doubt they'll be allowed to

I doubt they'll be allowed to pass. Have to be roadblocks, surely.

Andy Axel's picture

Frustrating? The wife must

Frustrating? The wife must be apopletic.

My little sister lives in a bsmt apartment in Hoboken and she was out of there before the mandatory evacuation went in place. I'd be beside myself if I knew she wasn't inland right now, much less not even having plans to head that way.

Andy Axel's picture

Thrill me. Why?

...whether or not any person with authoritative knowledge of a subject attended Georgia Tech. If not, then he ignores it. Wanna know why?

Thrill me. Why?

Andy Axel's picture

"Rambling wreck," indeed. (I

"Rambling wreck," indeed. (I think I may mean me and not him at this point.)

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Drama on the FDNY radio

Drama on the FDNY radio feed...

NYC is blessed with some courageous pros who stay cool, calm and collected under incredible stress.

Our thanks and respect to first responders everywhere.

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