Feb 12 2013
01:58 pm

Mike Donila with the quote, Victor Ashe with the particulars and some other chatter.

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This is news?

This is news?

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It is if you didn't know.

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And in so many counties, the GOP now owns the ECs.

And I wonder what Mayor Ashe's take is on the current 'ownership' of our State by his party, especially the lunatics running the assylum?
We need equity, representation on Boards and Commissions on both sides of the aisle.
Even with a 2nd member on the Election Commission, the votes will ALWAYs be GOP majority.
I don't blame Mr. Francis. He was criticized and maligned because to be at his real job, even though his vote on Bell Morris was already decided in the secret early morning vote.
I do not see this situation improving, seeking equal representation.
And since Mayor Ashe used to be a room mate in college of "W", I do not think his comments about local politics would ever be 'bi-partisan.

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Mike– Dennis has been telling

Dennis has been telling everybody (and I do mean everybody) he knows that he's going to quit since last summer. It's old news.

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For many, many months now, the website for the Knox County Election Commission had pictures by the names for all the Election Commissioners...except for Dennis'.

I don't know if that was his choice, or another example of the mean Republicans using their power like spoiled 8-year olds. I don't think it was a coincidence.

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That was Dennis being ornery.

That was Dennis being ornery. Democrats have few avenues of protest on the EC -- Republicans used to complain about that too, back in the day....

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