Jan 28 2013
06:27 pm

Somebody with too much time on their hands figured out that Fox News paid Sarah Palin $15.85 per spoken word during her three year contract, which was not renewed. The report doesn't say if only real words were counted.

redmondkr's picture

Word Salads

The Lies of Sarah Palin by Geoffrey Dunn is a fascinating read.

jbr's picture

You betcha ...

You betcha ...

fischbobber's picture

Hot Damn

You just earned $31.70. In my next life I want to be an Alaskan woman who can see Russia from her porch.

Andy Axel's picture

She's grifted enough to

She's grifted enough to provide for about 3 generations of her family. Shall this be close to the end of her gravy train.

redmondkr's picture

But...but...but she says her

But...but...but she says her stint with Fox was 'preaching to the choir'. Her new mission is to spread the gospel of freedom to the rest of us - or something like that.

Hopefully Fox will remove the in-home studio they installed.

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