Nov 19 2008
07:47 am

Ford is introducing a 39MPG hybrid version of its Fusion/Milan sedan. They are also improving mileage on the base model, ramping up production of the Focus, and planning other more efficient models for 2010. A hybrid Fusion would be wildly popular -- if they can make enough of them.

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The Fusion is actually

The Fusion is actually attractive, not something Ford is particularly known for, until you look at the front. if I have one bit of advice to Ford it's get rid of the blue logo on cars. It's a visual fingernail on the blackboard.

I did note the effort at making the interior quiet. The ambient noise level is my one complaint against my Matrix.

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Ford fans don't mind the blue oval...

get rid of the blue logo on cars.

Hey! Ford loyalists actually like that blue. Ford Blue, Coca-Cola red, John Deere green, Kodak gold, Volunteer Orange...

Photos from

2010 Milan

2010 Fusion

Not bad. Still not crazy about the headlight shape, but I like the more rounded hood. The Fusion front end looks a little bit less Tempo-esqe now, and the Milan waterfall front end is more aggressive looking with the wider gaps in the grill.

Didn't know they were planning a hybrid... starting to regret buying a new Honda last sunday.

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Ford loyalists actually like that blue.

And people who don't like it don't buy Fords. See the problem?

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Speaking of hybrids, and one

Speaking of hybrids, and one that may affect our economy locally. I heard Sea Ray may be coming out with a hybrid for their 35' yachts. It will only use 2 gal of fuel an hour and have a top speed of 35-40 miles an hour. I don't know how reliable my source was though.

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