Mar 14 2007
07:44 pm

In his latest bid to alienate even the yellowest of yellow dogs in his Democratic base, Harold Ford Jr. joins Fox News as an analyst.

I have long been torn about my support for Harold Ford Jr., but he's demonstrating an all-too-familiar pattern of sucking up to Republicans, even when he doesn't have to. I will give him a pass on chairing the Democratic Leadership Council, but this is getting ridiculous.

And for a Democrat to take a paycheck from Fox News just as the Democratic Party took a high-profile pass on a Fox-sponsored Presidential debate... well, it sure doesn't help me make the argument that Ford isn't actually a Lieberman clone.

Thanks (once again) for making me regret my vote, Harold.

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Yeah, I'm starting to want

Yeah, I'm starting to want my money back.

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double down

I'm starting to want my money back.

Screw that. Double down. At least HFJ has the sense to recognize a loser and change horses. Democrats have had the House now for almost two months, and Cheney is not even sweating. Ford is more likely to do something positive for his country by switching parties than by sticking with the little mob of turds that won't kick the ball in the goal while the goalie is on the sideline scoring vials of no bid.

The HST quote might be inspiring but for the fact that being a genuine Republican now means cowering on the sidelines hoping the whole embarrassment will blow over. Democrats seem happy to play along with don't ask, don't tell, and it seems sadly possible that Americans might vote Republican because Republicans are genuinely stupid, not clusterfuck stupid like Democrats.

If Republicans would rather talk about Fred Thompson than the Secret Service's bold mission to shuttle W through South America alive, Democrats are happy to busy themselves researching Fred's votes. If they'd rather talk climatology than question the private contractors involved in deaths and torture in military prisons, Democrats are happy to cling to Al Gore's lottery ticket like a sacred text.

No allegiance as flimsy as allegiance to political brands is worth honoring. The Fox-News people and anti-Fox-News people are equally distracted. Republicans still dictate the terms of debate. The MoveOn boycott of debates on Fox was almost as dumb as believing the invasion propaganda. Neither party has a monopoly on stupid, although partisanship is a major factor in most cases of stupid.

HFJ does not need to be talking to Democrats. His move to Fox is the courage his party lacks.

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While I think Ford is following money and political calculations, Rikki is right, if Ford wants to change minds he is better off on Fox than Air America. If the Democrats in Congress really want to do something they need enough in the Senate to override a veto, until then its mostly symbolic stuff they can do. Stacey

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Well, I don't regret my vote

Well, I don't regret my vote quite yet (remember, the other choice was Bob Corker), but FOX??? Arghh.

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And no, I don't mean Hunter S. Thompson for once.

The people don't want a phony Democrat. If it's a choice between a genuine Republican, and a Republican in Democratic clothing, the people will choose the genuine article, every time; that is, they will take a Republican before they will a phony Democrat, and I don't want any phony Democratic candidates in this campaign.

--Harry S. Truman, May 17, 1952 (often misquoted)


Recursive blogwhore.

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Fox news

I've been away from home hanging out with my grand daughter so I missed a few days worth of news. I am very disappointed that Harold Ford is working for

faux news. If you
go to and do a site search for Rupert Murdoch you will find that fox news is a political action committee to which Mr Murdoch donates hefty sums of money. It is News America aka fox news PAC. They have an agenda which shouldn't be Ford's agenda if he is a democrat.

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it seems sadly possible that

it seems sadly possible that Americans might vote Republican because Republicans are genuinely stupid, not clusterfuck stupid like Democrats.

So we're back to Nader 2000 standards, then?


Recursive blogwhore.

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