Mar 21 2006
03:03 pm
By: bizgrrl  shortURL

When you fly regularly air travel takes on a different nuance.

How often has your luggage been lost? One report estimates 30 million misdirected bags in 2005. I can recall only one instance of my luggage being misdirected, in Houston. At least it arrived an hour before my business meeting.

How often have you silently (or aloud) thanked the pilot (reg req'd) for a safe flight and landing? I have been on several white knuckle flights where I am truly confident the expertise of the pilot got us there safely. I am not sure if it is valid, but I really like pilots that have a military background.

How often has someone on your flight been overcome with air rage? This too I have encountered several times. My gratitude to the flight attendants for their calm in handling the situations. Do we really need cell phones on flights to add to the discontent of air travel? No. And thanks to a recent study that determined cell phones, etc. can indeed disrupt the operation of cockpit instruments such as Global Positioning System receivers. Can we use this study to finally say no to cell phones on air planes?

Be careful out there!


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