Feb 20 2013
10:33 pm

CNN reports...

Wow, even the FL tea party is out ahead of Tennessee on common sense measures.

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No positive ideas + no real Obama scandals =

It's down to BENGHAZI.

... Benghazi has become a sort of catchword. To Republicans, it symbolizes everything bad about the Obama administration. It's not the first word to fill that role. At the start of the president's first term, it was Obamacare. Later, Solyndra. ...

OK, seems kind of disjointed. The connection is that some GOPers are finally realizing they have to move from politics to reality. They know it's time to surrender on Obamacare.

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Nurse practitioners

This is an interesting idea:

Medicare reimburses them at 85 percent of the doctors' rate, for example, but they also charge less to insurance companies and out-of-pocket patients. And since the "blue states" in this sense are a pretty diverse lot, we can get pretty good quasi-experimental data as to whether cheaper nurse practitioners are actually any worse than primary care doctors in this regard. The answer is a resounding no...

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Florida's a lot bluer than

Florida's a lot bluer than Tennessee (obviously) and even though they just elected a Tea Party guy (Rubio) to the U.S. Senate, Florida's Tea Party governor's numbers are in the crapper. That gives him a lot of incentive to try and appear more moderate.

Haslam has no such incentive, of course.

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Also, Rick Scott came from

Also, Rick Scott came from the health care (bilking) business, and I bet a lot of his former collegues in Florida hospitals pushed him in this direction.

It seems like a pretty no-risk deal to me. I'm wondering if Haslam is trying to get the same one. He just might be able to sell "we can bail in three years if the Feds renege on paying."

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Stop the Presses! Ramsey Says

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Just about to post that under

Just about to post that under my original post. I've said all along that turning down that $$$ and damaging hospitals doesn't make any business sense. And Haslam is first and foremost a businessman.

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