Feb 15 2013
07:58 am

Josh Flory reports that ProNova may be backing off from a deal to locate in Knox Co. and is now looking at Pellissippi Place in Blount Co. instead.

ProNova would be the first tenant for the development, a joint project between Knox County, Blount County, Maryville and Alcoa that launched in 2006 and has been sitting empty since.

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Mike Edwards, the Knoxville

Mike Edwards, the Knoxville Chamber CEO and a member of the TDC board, said Thursday that ProNova "indicated to us that they were not negotiating with anyone else."

Is he that naive? Clueless? Or is it some kind of CYA. There's something screwy with The Development Corp and the Chamber. I wish the mayors or legislators would look in to it. It's been going on for far too long.

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Edwards has no credibility, he's a baffoon

Talks like he has rocks in his mouth, he can't negotiate squat, his career has been spent filling out fill in the blank leases out at Turkey Creek and pointing his finger at any and every factor which prevents him from recruiting or relocating business and industry to Knox County. He is in way, way over his head, in the deep end, and he's not got a clue, while surrounding counties, even Chattanooga, continue to run circles around the Knoxville SuperChamber, while the local economic job outlook, continues to die on the vine.

For year, anytime a prospect came to Knoxville, all he would show them were a bunch of burned out strip centers managed by his old buddy Bob Talbott, trying to help his old friend out. The prospective tenants and employers all went somewhere else. Nobody in the business community wants to work with a rank goober like Edwards. In my opinion he's an idiot and we deserve what we get when we continue to fumble around with doofusses like running the SuperChamber.

Knox County is the laughing stock of the entire South when it comes to the topics of economic development, recruiting business and industry, and putting good paying jobs and benefits in front of the communty. Edwards cannot and will not get it done.

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Done Deal

ProNova Solutions announces $52 million investment, 500 jobs in Blount

Great news for Alcoa and Blount Co. and everyone else who invested in this business park.

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