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"More voters agree with me on

"More voters agree with me on this issue,, than voted for me."

"It really is arithmetic. It's not calculus."

"I won't go for that."

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Didn't both of those guys

Didn't both of those guys defend the other Rice over WMDs?

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McCain and Graham are both

McCain and Graham are both losers. You would think McCain might be thinking about his on legacy since he is fast approaching 80. Instead of showing some sense now & then as he did back in his younger days, now all he says is petty nonsense. He has become a disgrace to the country in recent years.

michael l. d.

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"I've got one mandate." It

"I've got one mandate."

It would be an excellent time to review Elizabeth Warren and Amelia Warren Tyagi's 2005 Boston Review article, "What’s Hurting the Middle Class."

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I just saw an ad on the right

I just saw an ad on the right of the page for Warren's book The Two-Income Trap. That's some weird google ad mojo right there.

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Comment from Daryl's House

He cant go for that...

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"Hollywood" Steve Huey

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The Two-Income Trap

Eric, have you read this book? I've been reading reviews on it at Amazon and want to check it out.

Any review from you?

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No, but I bought it last

No, but I bought it last night.

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"Even as millions of mothers

"Even as millions of mothers marched into the workforce, savings declined, and not, as we will show, because families were frittering away their paychecks on toys for themselves or their children. Instead, families were swept up in a bidding war, competing furiously with on another for their most important possession: a house in a decent school district."

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