Jan 8 2020
03:20 pm

I have heard twice now that people are saying that Stephanie Welch is supporting Tommy Smith for First District Council. I don't know how this got started but it's not true and it needs to stop Stephanie is NOT endorsing. She IS meeting with any candidate who asks her to do so, including Smith and Janice Tocher.

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1st district

Who is Tommy Smith and what kind of activities has he been involved with?

Is David Hayes lobbying for the seat?

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You're first question is the

You're first question is the one I'm hearing over and over again from south Knoxvillians. That should answer your question.

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You're first question is the one I'm hearing over and over again from south Knoxvillians. That should answer your question.

Your post doesn't answer my question. It may answer the question "is he the best representative for south Knoxville" but that's not my question.

I found a Knoxnews article that tells me Smith works at PR guy with Ackermann with impressive non profit credentials.

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He is involved with Keep

He is involved with Keep Knoxville Beautiful, I think. However, he lives in my neighborhood and I never heard of him. AFAIK, he has had no involvement in south Knoxville organizations, activities, or issues.

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this from brian hornback

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Knoxville, TN -- Local community activist and recent city council candidate David Hayes is seeking appointment to the open District 1 City Council Seat. David Hayes has long been committed to advocating for communities and advancing progressive policies within local government. His vision for a Knoxville for All and his experience as a community activist, labor organizer, and parent qualify him to represent his home district.

City Council District 1, which includes all of South Knoxville and the UT area, voted for David Hayes in his race for City Council At-Large Seat B in the 2019 November general election. David’s support from a majority of District 1 precincts and voters is a testament to District 1’s support for a Knoxville for All and David as a city council candidate. Moreover, 10,587 Knoxvillians from across the city voted for David Hayes. While he came up short in a tight city council race, he obtained more votes than the current and previous District 1 representatives.

According to the city charter, the process to appoint a vacant city council seat rests on securing 6 out of 8 votes of current city councilors. Once the current City Council District 1 representative steps down to join the mayor’s administration, we hope to see the City Council endorse the will of the voters, embrace a Knoxville for All, and select David Hayes to fill the position. We believe David Hayes is the best and most democratic choice to fill the vacant position on city council and represent the communities of South Knoxville and UT area.

Members of the community can support David’s appointment to city council by signing our petition ( and by writing, emailing, calling, and meeting with Knoxville council members directly (city council’s information can be found here: (link...)) and attending city council’s appointment process once that begins.

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