Jan 9 2008
06:07 pm

In today's County Commission Agenda meeting, Community Services Director Cynthia Finch said "As far as I'm concerned, this does reek of having racial and sexual (overtones).", referring to the News-Sentinel coverage of her 'decision' to no longer oversee Knox County's community grants program after HUD ordered repayment of some grants and raised concerns over $840,000 other grants given out by the County.

So, is the News-Sentinel's coverage racist? Is the criticism deserved? Many seem to think so. But, apparently not Ms. Finch. Is this play her trump card so as not to have to answer the tough questions? Time will tell.


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Chad, apparently patriotism has given way to charges of racism as the last refuge of a scoundrel. Her defense is born of desperation.

Larry Van Guilder

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Evidently, Finch went on

Evidently, Finch went on Hallerin Hill's show this morning and accused the County Commission of racism and Lumpy took offense.

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Actually, in my experience

Actually, in my limited experience with Cynthia, it's been her first refuge.

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I totally agree with the

I totally agree with the sentiment about Finch. Reminds me of what Clarence Thomas said, though with more than a little less reaching effect.

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I've seen racism in practice

I've seen racism in practice but not this time.

What I found interesting was the Lumpy stand. I almost have to say that I agree with him, but that's scarey too.


Pam Strickland

"We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be." ~Kurt Vonnegut

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I watched Finch's responses

I watched Finch's responses on the news tonight. Overall, her attitude was very brazen and condescending and she showed absolutely no contrition.

To me her attitude is typical of the current County Mayor and his staff, they just don't get it. She even went so far to say that she was going to be there as long as Ragsdale. I sure hope she is right, that they are all long gone before Ragsdale's term expires.

It was also interesting to note that she makes $122K a year according to the news. That in addition to the perks, p-card, etc. sure makes for a nice living in this area and on OUR dime at that.

I wonder if she will see the bus coming unlike her co-worker John "Smoothie King" Werner.

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HMcRae: What I am amazed at

HMcRae: What I am amazed at is that Hizzoner is continuing a drive to run for Governor of Tennessee! I wouldn't think that he could be elected dog catcher with the mess that's been created here.

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Too much drama

What in the hell is this all about? We're missing facts or something because it doesn't make any sense.

The County Commission and the Administration's actions and words are like an episode of LOST.

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Additional Resignations

Will Ragsdale and Arms also resign from boards of non-profits and for-profit groups that receive county funds? Just noticed that Ragsdale serves on the board of the Joy of Music.

Are county commissioners restricted from "giving" their discretionary funds to groups where they serve on the board?

And wouldn't it just be simpler to stop giving county funds to non-profits?

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right on, Sandra Clark!

"And wouldn't it just be simpler to stop giving county funds to non-profits?"

This has become a political patronage system. Non-profits are in a unique position to further some goals in the community like affordable housing on blighted properties, serving at-risk children, the homeless and mentally ill populations etc. But there seems to be too much redundancy and opportunity for anyone to create a non-profit that duplicates existing services, produces no results, yet draws off money for salaries and expenses.

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Reading the latest updated

Reading the latest updated account with the photo of Lumpy confronting Finch, I think Lumpy was way, way out of line.

Why did he bring a "stack" of photos of a white-supremacist hate group rally? Why did he fell it necessary to get up, walk over to the podium, and confront her with them? Why would he not understand that anyone, especially a black person, especially a black woman, could be offended or even intimidated? Was that the real purpose?

OK, so he came prepared to be called a racist. There was a suggestion of a racial element in the handling of the situation (I haven't watched the tape and haven't seen a transcript, so I don't know the context or if Finch possibly got maneuvered into making that remark somehow).

Lumpy is defensive and seems to think it is directed at him personally. So his idea of "proving" that he isn't a racist is carrying around photos of a racist hate group meeting? Oh, that's right. He said he received death threats for opposing it. Maybe he did. Probably so. I saw threats against Knox officials, including Ragsdale, on some of the hate websites when all that was going on. But why didn't Lumpy offer evidence of the threats and his opposition to the rally, instead of photos of the rally?

And how does opposing a racist hate rally prove that someone's not a racist? Couldn't it just be that they don't want the community to be embarrassed by the spectacle, especially if it draws attention to festering hate in our community? What has Lumpy done for minorities as a Commissioner? Maybe he has done something. I'd be interested to know.

Very, very weird. And totally inappropriate and offensive.

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what a waste of money

Did she feel discriminated against when she was making those p-card purchases or when she signed those grant approvals/checks?
She didnt feel discriminated against when she changed job titles. It is a disgrace to women and real victims of discrimination, sexual and racial,to now make these claims. That is why it is so hard for real victims to come forward or be believed. Why isnt the Knox County Mayors office and his staff being investigated by an agency with real powers and authority? FBI, TBI, (public corruption) What are the impeachment laws, and why arent we implementing them?
She's a thief, and she should be jailed period.



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I would like to see Ms. Finch's bank accounts... I would guess the reason she is fighting so hard to maintain her role on these boards is she is getting paid...

I will say it again... IT IS TIME THEY ALL GO NOW!!!!

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yeah, well Lumpy shoving

yeah, well Lumpy shoving totally non-related skinhead photos in front of Mrs. Finch at a county commission meeting ought to a least be cause for censure. Does commission have a censure provision?


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Moving on

Ragsdale can't be happy with the KNS coverage this morning -- Finch knocked his high-powered meeting with the governor down to the bottom of Page One.

Why isn't the "chief-of-staff" keeping the staff in line?

Regardless of the outcome of the upcoming elections, this community can't move on until Ragsdale cleans house and reorganizes/thins his staff.

Cynthia Finch now holds a high-paid job that is strictly Ragsdale's creation. Ask Larry Frank what it means to have Finch "over" the libraries. What does Finch do all day? What does Arms do? Heck, what does Ragsdale do?

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I believe it was Pinkston's

I believe it was Pinkston's comment that since now Finch has given up some of her "duties", he wonders why she is still getting her full salary. We're not talking chump change here, $122K a year plus benefits is a nice living here in East TN.

All of the mayor's staff sure make a nice living off of county tax payer's backs.

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Finch ETC

I guess Ms. Finch attends non-profit board meetings all day long... that is why she did not know the HUD rules on grants... you would have to be STUPID NOT TO THINK it is a conflict to give grant money to boards you serve on!!!!!

With regards to Ragsdale and Arms... "who knows what goes on behind closed doors"... boy that sound like a bad country song!!!!

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Randy, I was there, and I disagree with your take on LumpyFinch

Lumpy didn't just "happen" to have those photos yesterday. Finch went on the Hallerin Hill radio show first thing in the morning and said the commissioners who have criticized her are motivated by racism. Lumpy got POed and pulled out these pictures, which were taken last spring/summer when the racists rallied here after the Newsome/Christian murders. Lumpy had sponsored a resolution denouncing the hate groups and this group whose name starts with a V (I don't want to draw them here by naming them) targeted him for threats and abuse. He got death threats -- I know this for a fact -- and probably acquired the pictures because of that (this I don't know for a fact, just surmising).

After Finch went on the HH show, she called Scott Barker and left a long, rambling voicemail accusing him, Jack McElroy, Bruce Hartmann and other members of the media who have criticized her of being racists.

Then she went to commission and pretty much said the same stuff (although she pussyfooted around about it). She was rude and dismissive to members of commission before Lumpy ever opened his mouth. She interrupted them and raised her voice to talk over them. Scooby should have gaveled her big mouth shut -- NO county employee should behave like that in a commission meeting.

Afterward, she left the room surrounded by a flotilla of media, whom she led up to her office, where she held court.

Oh, yeah -- she threw the Channel 10 crew out of her office -- I guess because they've done so much reporting on her, which, of course, means they're racist.

Lumpy is always over-the-top and melodramatic, but that doesn't mean he's always wrong.

R. Neal's picture

that doesn't mean he's

that doesn't mean he's always wrong.

Sorry, I think he is in this case. The rest of that is almost or just as bad, though.

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Ok, here's my thing:As far

Ok, here's my thing:

As far as I can tell, if Cynthia Finch is a victim, it's of her own bad judgment, not of racism or sexism. And apparently she behaved badly at the Commission meeting yesterday; I didn't see it, but I'm willing to take Bean's word for it.

However, Lumpy has no business leaving his seat and confronting someone - anyone - at the podium. Scott Moore should have gaveled him out of order and told him to sit down & cut out the political theater.

And the fact that Lumpy was proporting to give a black woman a lesson on what real racism looks like is just breathtakingly wrong on so many levels. I don't care if it was Cynthia Finch or Coretta Scott King; it's just wrong.

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Can some please advise to the qualifications of Ms. Finch to ability to manage and do her county job??? Which by the way was just cut in half with no reduction in pay... most private sector folks would have been fired...

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Was Finch wrong in how she handled things ?

Yes she was and she should have apologized..Hwever I also believe that racism and sexism was apart of the furor over this issue. The problems in the Mayor's office is used by some.....Tim Hutchison's supporters, Scoobie Moore, Lumpy, etc etc to try to cover their misconduct and graft and that shoudn't be allowed to happen either.

Bbeanster's picture

Well, perhaps I'm biased

Well, perhaps I'm biased after Finch (and The Chairman) accused me of being a racist after I wrote a story on the East Knox health clinic.

R. Neal's picture

Finch AND the Chariman?

Finch AND the Chariman? Sounds like you were batting one thousand that day!

Mr. McBeavy's picture

"After Finch went on the HH

"After Finch went on the HH show, she called Scott Barker and left a long, rambling voicemail accusing him, Jack McElroy, Bruce Hartmann and other members of the media who have criticized her of being racists."

From what I have been told, accusing Jack McElroy of being racist is about as far from the truth as one can get and is a slap in his face.

mbradley's picture

Regardless of the right and

Regardless of the right and wrong with the Finch v. Lumpy photo showdown, I just can't figure out why the administration provided the setting for it to happen. Mike and Mike had to see this coming. Heck, everyone else surely did. Given the antics of the past year, it was a given that someone was going to get called to the podium to discuss the HUD grants. The mayor declined which is his decision but surely he knew the show was going to continue without him... But, he's 200 miles away meeting with the Governor when it all hits the fan... Just all seems odd...

Mr. McBeavy's picture

It sure looks like it is

It sure looks like it is going to get real interesting when the full audit is complete on the roughly $800K+ grant money is complete. So far the amount that is in question is chump change compared to that.

CBT's picture

And wouldn't it just be

And wouldn't it just be simpler to stop giving county funds to non-profits?

This brings up an interesting point. I give money to charitable organizations. I give a good bit of time and skills in the form of pro-bono (free) lawyer work for charitable groups. It's a bit of a tough call because I know some good organizations that I like get money from the City and/or County. However, I don't like politicians handing out my tax money to curry favor and supposedly do all these good works. Now, we're going to have a committee of 40 or other citizens sit around and decide how to give away my money. I don't like that any better.

Betty, you'll have to forgive Randy. Over the last several months, Vandevate himself might as well have been writing most of Randy's posts on these topics. Of course, maybe he has.

Randy did remove one of posts regarding Democratic Presidential candidates. It was faint criticism at best (from a Washington Post editorial). He said I was bashing Democrats. I guess he should have taken this thread down too given Cynthia Finch is a Democrat.

R. Neal's picture

Over the last several

Over the last several months, Vandevate himself might as well have been writing most of Randy's posts on these topics.

Really? How do you figure that?

Just curious, who first reportd the HUD audit finding and where?

And just yesterday or the day before I was critical of Finch for relieving herself of some duties without relieving herself of some pay.

ANGRYWOLF's picture

Bean isn't a racist...McElroy isn't a racist...

If a person is black and makes a mistake they shouldn't try to disavow it by saying their critics are racists. It's best to simply own up to it and move on.Finch should never have been on boards of organizations that got money from the county.It is such an obvious conflict of interest you would have to be blind not to see it.
I know some blacks feel they have to walk on water espceially here in the south..they can't be shown to have flaws. Heck say "I'm flawed just like you Lumpy, like you Scoobie, like you Timmy " and move on and try to do better the next time around.

ANGRYWOLF's picture

By the way....

I am a liberal democrat..not that that has anything to do with Finch's problems...or that Finch being a dem has anything to do with let's not politicize it. I certainly don't blame Knoxville repubs for the mistakes made by the BUSH administration....maybe I should blame them for continually reelecting those clowns on the county commission and former Sheriff Hutchison.Smile....

CBT's picture

What the race card does is

What the race card does is make every editor and reporter have to stop and ask if what they are reporting can in any way be claimed racist. For example, McElroy to Barker "Maybe we should put the Finch story on B-1 since she's been on A-1 already this week" or "Scott, could you bury the accusations about money being funneled to that African-American group where Finch serves down in the story so it's not on page 1". In a way, these sorts of claims censor the press. Instead of just reporting facts, the press has to worry about perception and possible accusations by wrongdoers.

In the past, these sorts of actions in the County Mayor's office have 'inspired' the News-Sentinel and WBIR. Getting kicked out may cause WBIR to push ever harder for answers. WBIR has close to 50% of the lcoal TV news market. Kicking the big TV dog and the only daily paper in town, another smart move from the County Mayor's staff.

R. Neal's picture

What the race card does is

What the race card does is make every editor and reporter have to stop and ask if what they are reporting can in any way be claimed racist.

I'd generally agree with that. Doesn't excuse Lumpy's behavior, which is all I was commenting on. The rest of it's just comitragedy.

Pam Strickland's picture

My guess is that McElroy

My guess is that McElroy isn't that closely involved in day-to-day decisions. Or at least, other people are in aon decisions. McElroy is the editor, meaning that he deals with big picture things. Tom Chester is the Managing editor, which means he is responsibile for A-1 and making those day-to-day decisions. And while you might put someone on B-1 instead of A-1 because of frequency, you honestly can't ignore stunts like Finish pulled in both stories. Deciding what is news and where to place compared to other things is sometimes more of a gut decision than a logical one.

And, while I'm here, calling McElroy a racist is just wrong.

Pam Strickland

"We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be." ~Kurt Vonnegut

Factchecker's picture

It's always about the Democrats isn't it?

There does seem to be a anti-ethical streak within the GOP. I wonder if the problems between the Scumbys (Lumpy, Scooby, et. al) and the Ragsdales, et. al., will tear apart the Republican party.

CBT, maybe you should review the site rules. I think you've been entrusted to post here because KnoxViews needs and values responsible posts from some damn Republican, and you've honored that better than most. You know the Finch thing is nothing of the partisan sort.

I'm reminded of the time you posted a sheer boast for Bush because the stock market broke 13,000. Besides being a completely ridiculous non sequitur, how's that Dow average looking now, all these months later? I'm sure it's because the Dems are in Congress. Or Clenis, or some damn thing.

bill young's picture

"For What it's Worth"

"Nobody's right if everybody's wrong"

Buffalo Springfield

CBT's picture

Finch's problems aren't

Finch's problems aren't partisan (or racist or sexist that I can tell). I mentioned the partisanship for one reason. On many issues partisanship and politics rule the day. The Washington Post editorial I posted had to do with some Democratic Presidential candidates refusing to acknowledge progress in Iraq. I didn't post it to bash those candidates. Rather, I posted it to show how poltics and partisanship rule too often govern all we hear from candidates. That applies to some Republicans as well.

Most reasonable people can look at the Finch mess without any reference to political party affiliation. It's wrong, period. But, doesn't that same idea apply to other issues as well? Lots of folks may disagree on many issues. People choosing up sides into political parties is part of our system of government. I'm ok with that. But, the discussion of every issue doesn't have to be partisan. Some things are wrong and some right without regard to Party.

ANGRYWOLF's picture

maybe there should be more "trusted users"......


Anonymously Nine's picture

lighten up

Free speech makes better blogs. CBT and Ringo are a little outnumbered.

When you overdo the decider stuff, it puts a cramp on the discussion.

Johnny Ringo's picture

Hey, leave me out of this!

"Free speech makes better blogs. CBT and Ringo are a little outnumbered."

Hey, leave me out of this!

talidapali's picture

I hardly think...

race or sex plays into the questioning of the grants process in Cynthia Finch's office. If it were anyone else who had given grant money to family or friends, those questions would still be asked. Ms. Finch just needs to answer the questions people have. If she can show that the grants given were legitimate and that the money benefited the intended needy persons, rather than the program administrators (who were her relatives and friends) then there would be no argument with the way she has handled things. If, however, she keeps stonewalling and accusing her accusers of racism or sexism it just makes her look bad.

If she has done nothing wrong then she should be more than willing to show her work and get this mess over and done with. Just dropping a few of her duties doesn't make it all better. And normally, when someone in a private business gives up responsibility or is demoted to a lesser position, they get a cut in pay as well. She should be happy that she gets to keep her salary and benefits and quit whining about criticisms that seem to be based on some legitimate concerns. If she wants people to stop asking hard questions, she should give some substantive answers.

"You can't fix stupid..." ~ Ron White"
"I never said I wasn't a brat..." ~ Talidapali

Sandra Clark's picture

Lord knows

Lord knows I'm not defending Cynthia Finch, but I can see why she might feel that the attacks on her are racially motivated.

Finch misspent $33K (maybe $800K) and has experienced day after day of intensive media coverage (including in the Shopper).

Significantly more money is involved in the unfunded pension for deputies and in the potential $6 million TIF for Tim Graham's Lowe's in Halls. Where is the media scrutiny? The front page pictures of the white guys? -- s.

rikki's picture

chain, chain, chain

day after day of intensive media coverage

She is sharing that stage with plenty of other characters, including Lumpy. The focus is on her right now with the HUD report out, but it will shift to other characters soon enough. She is treated differently because of her race, but differently is not always wrong. Everyone should be treated as an individual.

She holds one of the highest paid positions in the county, and her role in the media coverage has evolved fairly naturally. Someone in her position should expect media scrutiny. I have certainly seen comments about her that were racist and sexist, but those are more from the peanut gallery than from the media.

What did Finch say on the Hallerin Hill show? When Lumpy confronted her, she said her accusations were aimed at the media, not county commission, but Lumpy seemed personally offended. He was itching for a confrontation, and Finch tried to avoid it. His defensiveness is telling. Someone who understands racism knows we all have racist instincts and need not bristle so at the charge.

Finch ought to take advantage of the attention and teach whiteys like Lumpy that racism is far more subtle than a halfwit lynch mob summoned by a horrible killing. Of course, her defensiveness is telling as well.

Bbeanster's picture

What did Finch say on the

What did Finch say on the Hallerin Hill show? When Lumpy confronted her, she said her accusations were aimed at the media, not county commission, but Lumpy seemed personally offended. He was itching for a confrontation, and Finch tried to avoid it. His defensiveness is telling. Someone who understands racism knows we all have racist instincts and need not bristle so at the charge.

I have to hand it to you if you were able to decipher what Finch was saying. To my ears, it was a garbled mess of justification that made very little sense at all.

But perhaps I'm just too much of a racist to understand. Maybe only the pure of heart get what she's saying.

I was thinking back to the first time I remember seeing Cynthia Finch in action. It must have been 1995 or '96, and she was leading a group of POed neighborhood folks at a City Council meeting. They were upset because some kind of a nursing home or halfway house was moving in, or expanding, or something. The problem was, they were too late to do anything about it. Whatever it was, it had already been approved, and their City Council rep (Bill Powell) didn't oppose it. When they started making calls to City Council, Carlene Malone was the one who gave them the straight skinny on their situation -- which was that they didn't have a legal leg to stand on -- they were screwed.

Finch's response was to denounce Carlene as a racist.

Those of you who have been around here for more than five minutes will understand how patently absurd that is. And it has stuck in my mind for lo these many long years.

PS: Bill Powell called me a racist a couple of years after this because I worked in Danny Mayfield's campaign when he ran against Bill. I guess somebody's going to have to tell my Puerto Rican mama that i hate people of color.

rikki's picture

ifs and buts

I have to hand it to you if you were able to decipher what Finch was saying.

I can understand what she says on the broadcast of the Intergovernmental Panel meeting. You are right, she makes little sense, but she does not sound much different than any other politician trying to dodge questions. They all trip over the doublespeak.

I have not heard what she said on the radio to know whether it was garbled or nonsensical or directed at county commission. I was asking about that hoping to get an answer from someone who heard.

If only Finch had told Lumpy, "Sit down, showboat."

StaceyDiamond's picture

Go Lumpy!

The way the race card is played sometimes makes me embarrased to call myself a Democrat.
I do also wonder if this kind of stuff goes on with the city gov. as well, but its just not reported on, ie, how many Haslam friends and kin are on non-profits, but I don't know if the city engages in any kind of non-profit activity.

StaceyDiamond's picture


I saw on that Larry Smith wanted to know where the pics from the protest came from. A local photog took several and they were on display at Java last month, I bet that's where he got the pics.

Joe Taylor's picture

Mike, MIke, Dwight and Finch

Just curious... how many folks in suite 615 aka County Mayor office have lawyered up???

I believe Dwight has hired Poston, Finch has hired Gordon Ball, Mike Ragsdale has Bud Gilbert... not sure about Mike Arms...

My question is who is paying all of these attorneys? Are we the Knox county tax payers footing the bill?

Sure seems like the entire group in suite 615 has engaged attorneys... Not a very good statement on the ethics of our county leadership!!!!

Anonymously Nine's picture

From WBIR: Link... "A group

From WBIR:


"A group of volunteers who will help spend more than $4 million in taxpayer money met for the first time Thursday evening.

Conflicts of interest in Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale's Office prompted the formation of a new Citizen Review Panel.

"I received a letter from the office of the County Mayor," teacher and writer Kay Newton explained how she heard about the group. "I was really honored to be invited, but I don't know an awful lot about it, and I want to find out about what the commitments are."

"It was in the paper, and there was a website, and I faxed in the application," semi-retired Dan Smith explained.

Smith and Newton are among the 47 Knox County residents who applied and were accepted to join the newly formed Citizen Review Panel."

Orienting Panel Members
Forty-seven people are slated to become members of the Citizen Review Panel to help distribute funds, after completing orientation. Their names are below

John Stancil
James Byrge
John Sylvia
Daniel Smith

Beverly Hammond
Kay Newton
Robert Davis
Tamara Shepherd

Is that Mr. Ethics Mike Hammond's wife Beverly?

How about that? Mr. Ethics wife is on the select board to award the Knox County Community grants. But isn't that nepotism and cronyism?

Pam Strickland's picture

Kay Newton

I know her. She's very fair. A true latter day Southern Bell, in a jazzy/blues sort of way.

I would trust her to make reasonable and appropriate decisions.

But who knows about the other 44-odd.

Pam Strickland

"We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be." ~Kurt Vonnegut

Tamara Shepherd's picture

Citizens Advisory Panel on community grants

Kay Newton is a dear friend of mine, too, Pam--for over twenty years. I also got to meet Knoxviews' own Carole Borges in the flesh at our first training last night.

I'm covered up this morning, but I tried to quickly answer a few questions on what happened at last night's meeting over at the Knoxnews site, if you're interested.

I also answered Anonymously Nine's question over there, about two or three hours before he planted the same divisive question on this blog. No, Beverly Hammond is neither the wife nor a relative of any kind to Mike Hammond, per my phone call to Mike earlier this morning.

More later.

Ragsdale2010's picture

Discriminatory Entitlement

In my opinion, Finch's biggest problem is she has a bad case of discriminatory entitlement, such that since she is a black woman, she can do anything she wants, any time she wants, without question or concern from anybody else, be it her boss, the local media, and of all people county commission or the taxpaying public. Since she's black, she should be allowed to attend the black sorority meeting at the public's expense, without question. She should be able to dole out local and federal tax dollar grants as she sees fit, without question or review. She should be able to spend our money on whatever she wants, without question and without remorse.

This type of uncorrected thinking in the county mayor's office has got to send shivers up the backs of the black leadership in this community as this misguided thinking will relegate the black community to second tier citizen class. Compare the city mayor's handling of issues within his grant distribution/empowerment zone program. He cleaned house, placed a person of unquestioned ability and ethics to run the program. End of issue. End of story.

Ragsdale continues to hang on to this bottom feeder, to the continued demise of his credibility in the administration and further puts the local government in the category of questionable ethics and certainly incapable ability.

Factchecker's picture

FWIW to clarify

...the discussion of every issue doesn't have to be partisan. Some things are wrong and some right without regard to Party.

Of course. Then maybe I misunderstood what you wrote earlier to be criticism of R.'s bashing of Lumpy's performance because you though it politically based, when I saw nothing political about his comment, and then as you went on to seemingly complain about this blog not being Fair and Balanced enough.

I'm not in favor of voting anyone off this island, especially those I don't agree with. A little over-spirited discussion (on all sides) is not inappropriate from time to time.

Ragsdale2010's picture

Look What Happened to Renee Kessler

There were some ethical/conflict of interest issues in the management of the city's give away program and look how Billy Haslam handled it. Program director fired, end of issue, amputated to keep the cancer from spreading into other unaffected tissues.

Why can't Mike Ragsdale do the same? Of course, if he could, he would have already fired his entire staff, probably twice, but they've all got the goods on his rather loose approach to the public's money and his overstated self worth, such that he has to keep them on, much to the detriment of credible government and all of his much publicized desire to be important.

Joe Taylor's picture

County Finance Mess

I can fix the county executive office mess very quickly...

the local Attorney General needs to call in an outside Attorney General who has no linkage to Ragsdale and his team of thieves to do a complete and through examination of the issue that have been brought to light to date and any new ones they discover and place charges against the entire suite 615 aka Ragsdale team for misappropriation of government funds...

Hymn2's picture

County Finance Mess

J. Taylor: It needs to be done. This is just a mess and needs to be fixed sooner rather than later. Maybe an early removal from office would be a great "wake-up call" and encourage more open, honesty in our local county government.

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